All-new Toyota Fortuner luxury SUV to launch in 2022

Toyota recently launched the facelifted version of the Fortuner in the Indian market. The second-generation Toyota Fortuner has been around for a few years now. Toyota has begun working on the third-generation of the Fortuner and the launch will happen next year.

All-new Toyota Fortuner luxury SUV to launch in 2022

Toyota Motor Corporation’s chief engineer, Yoshiki Konishi told ACI that the all-new Fortuner will launch next year. However, there is no comment on the India launch date or a timeline for India. Toyota will use the revised version of the electronic and electrical (ENE) architecture with numerous upgrades. There will be quite a few changes in the all-new Fortuner but the biggest of them will be the steering system. Toyota will replace the current hydraulic power steering system and will use the electric power steering system (EPS).

The chief engineer said that Toyota will introduce EPS but for that, they need to make a few changes to the architecture. The EPS will make the Fortuner much easier to drive, especially in the crowded city areas. However, many enthusiasts prefer the hydraulic steering system over the EPS since it gives better feedback and a much more direct feel.

Toyota will also introduce new features to make the Fortuner much safer. One of these features will be the electronically-controlled VSC or vehicle stability management. The current second-generation Fortuner is already equipped with the VSC, however, the all-new version will get a better version of the same.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The all-new Fortuner will offer a huge improvement when it comes to technology updates. The best of them will be the ADAS, which is available with the MG Gloster in the Indian market. Even the second-generation Fortuner, which is on sale in the Indian market does not get any ADAS. However, international models do get radar-based systems. It gets cruise control system, pre-collision safety system and lane departure warning and more. The upcoming all-new Fortuner is likely to get more such features and such features are likely to be launched in the Indian-spec model too.

Toyota will continue to offer the body-on-frame construction with the all-new Fortuner. The ladder frame chassis is the core concept of the all-new Fortuner. The ladder frame chassis is much better when it comes to off-roading as it can flex better than the monocoque-based vehicles.

All-new hybrid engines

Toyota launched more powerful engine options with the facelifted version of the Fortuner in the Indian market recently. However, for the all-new model, Toyota is currently developing all-new engines for the new generation to meet the upcoming emission norms. Since the body-on-frame set-up is heavier compared to the monocoque, Toyota will use high-efficiency powertrains. They will launch hybrid engines will use electric power to reduce the emissions, especially while accelerating.

Konishi said that it is best not to use pure diesel powertrains since there will be much tighter norms and regulations in the future. India moved to BS6 norms last year while European nations will soon move to the stricter emission norms that will likely kill the pure-diesel engines or make them extremely expensive. Toyota may bring the strong hybrid system or a mild one with the new Fortuner to keep the emission under control.