All-new VW Polo to be unveiled on 16th June

The all-new VW Polo will make its global debut on the 16th of June, ahead of its display in the Frankfurt Motorshow. The current Polo (fifth generation) has been on sale for close to 7 years now and this update was much needed.



The sixth generation Polo will be based on VWs MQB platform, thus making it the smallest VW to be underpinned by the MQB platform. The same platform will be shared by the new Fabia, Audi A1 and Seat Ibiza. This new platform will make the Polo atleast 20 cm longer and about 70 kgs lighter.

Though the vehicle hasn’t officially been unveiled, early images show that the new Polo will look a lot more sharper than the outgoing model. It will also be more in-line with what we are seeing from the other VW models on sale currently. Due to the lack of sales volumes, the new version will only be available in 5-door format, the 3-door will be skipped on. On the engines front, there will be a whole host of engines on offer from the small 1.0 liter TSi to the larger 1.4 liter TSi. There is no details on whether the all new GTi will have the 1.8 liter TSi or will shift to the smaller 1.4 liter unit.


Sadly, India will not be getting this new generation Polo. The main reason behind it is the fact that the VW Group has no small vehicle on the MQB platform in the Indian market. In order to get the lines changed to produce the MQB vehicle, costs will go up. This will not go down well with the customers here, as India is a cost sensitive market. What we will however get is an updated Polo based on the existing platform itself. VW just launched their first product on the MQB platform, the Tiguan just a few weeks ago and the all-new Passat will follow later in the year.