All roads without a Parking Signboard is a “No Parking” zone: Joint Police Commissioner

With the increasing number of cars and shrinking parking space on the roads, the authorities are now looking for various solutions to overcome the problem. Parking the vehicles on the roads causes hindrance to the traffic, which in turn causes traffic jams. Bengaluru Police says that parking is not allowed at the spaces without a “Parking” signboard.

All roads without a Parking Signboard is a “No Parking” zone: Joint Police Commissioner

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda reviewed the situation of parking on the roads. He said parking on public roads restricts the flow of traffic. To clarify where one can park, the joint commissioner said that all the roads where the parking signboards are not present will be considered as no parking zones.

The police said that if there is a provision for parking on a road, there will be a parking signboard. Vehicles parked on roads where there are no such signboards will be considered illegal.

Gowda said that Bengaluru city has around 14,000 km of roads and it is impossible to put “No Parking” signs everywhere. The police will take action against the people who park in the areas without a “Parking” signboard.

Attacks on towing staff

All roads without a Parking Signboard is a “No Parking” zone: Joint Police Commissioner

Recently, a spurt of videos shows locals attacking the towing staff of the Bengaluru Police for towing their vehicles. He said to The Hindu,

“If people have any problem with the towing staff, it should be brought to the notice of the traffic police. Assaulting the staff is illegal and should be dealt with seriously. Those who have already been arrested for assaulting the towing staff have been booked under serious charges and a rowdy sheet opened against them,”

It should be noted that if the police decide to tow away the vehicle, an additional towing charge will be added to the overall per hour-based fine to the owner. It is according to section 201 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

One should note that if there is a board for No Parking on a street or road, it does not mean that one cannot stop there. However, the motorist cannot leave the vehicle and go away from such spots. For the places where even stopping is not allowed, you will see the signage saying “No Stopping”. You can spot such signage mostly on the busy city roads and congested areas.

The tow truck operators in India are not the most careful when handling the vehicles too. In the past, many have complained about broken bumpers and other damage to the vehicles caused due to wrong towing.