Allu Arjun’s 7 crore rupee vanity van is sheer OPULENCE!

Allu Arjun Vanity Van Featured

Telugu superstar Arjun Allu has a pretty good mix of luxury cars in his garage. While the swanky list of cars is good enough to take him around for his daily meetings and commutes, his latest vehicle in the garage is the swankiest of them all. Arjun Allu has a busy shooting schedule and spends most of his time on the move. To make his life easier on the move, Arjun Allu has now got a vanity van. But this is not any other regular vanity vans that we get to see with most of the actors. The new vanity van in the Arjun Allu’s garage has been specially designed and customised by none other than Reddy Customs. Yes, the same modification garage that has done a few exotic modifications in the past, including the office on wheels.

Allu Arjun’s 7 crore rupee vanity van is sheer OPULENCE!

The fully customised vanity van is made on the Bharat Benz chassis, which ensures that the vanity van lasts for a lifetime and offers the best possible comfort too. While the exterior gets an all-black theme with the signature “AA” logo of Arjun Allu, the most eye-catchy part of the bus on the outside is the fully customised wheels.

The steel rims get merging spokes, which look mesmerising while on the move. The brilliance of this customised Vanity Van is its cabin. The team at Reddy Customs has done a wonderful job on transforming the cabin into a luxurious apartment, or we can even say that it is as good as a Rolls Royce. The cabin gets a well-thought layout, which can be used by Arjun Allu and his team on the move during the shoots. The bus gets a place to rest, a place to freshen up on the move and many more such features.

The master cabin in the vanity van gets a reclinable chair that can be transformed into a flat chair. It is an electrically controlled chair with a leather cover that ensures maximum comfort on the move. The chair also serves as the Arjun Allu’s makeup chair and there’s a huge mirror on the side of it. When the makeup is done, the chair can be revolved to watch the TV on the move and there’s a set of sofa that can be used by the visitors for meetings. This cabin is very plush and gets wooden flooring and a beautiful ceiling made out of textured lamps. The colour of the ceiling lamps can be changed to match the mood too.

Just below the TV, there is a bed, which can be used on the move to rest and sleep. That’s not all, there is an attached bathroom with a full-size toilet seat installed inside. The vanity van also gets an attached shower and a full-size wash basin with a movable tap that can be used to wash the hair on the move. The restroom gets wooden inserts all around and Reddy Customs has put an extra effort on the details in the van. For example, the steps of the vanity van get ambient lighting embedded inside that look luxurious. There’s also a communication system installed in the van, which can be used to make calls on the move.

According to Mr Reddy, the bossman of the modification garage, the whole job tool excruciating five months to complete and we can see why! To contact Reddy Customs, you can click on their social media page or contact them directly at their official website