Alto K10 fails to score in Latin NCAP crash test

alto k10 front photo

The 2013 Suzuki Alto K10 is what we know as the Maruti Alto K10 in India. The car has a peppy engine, but sadly no safety features – no ABS or airbags. It’s small wonder then that the car did not score at all in the Latin NCAP. The car scored a zero out of a possible five-stars for poor occupant safety. 

The Maruti (Suzuki) Alto K10 is based on the previous generation Maruti Alto and does not have the structural integrity to pass a stringent offset crash test. In the test conducted there was considerable damage to the body shell. The driver would have suffered serious injuries, because of the lack of an airbag and, if one looks at the video, the way the steering impacts the driver’s chest and head is a concern. The front passenger appears relatively safe, but in the rear seat, where the two child crash test dummies are placed, again there is excessive movement of the child seats which could result in injury in a crash. Also read: Maruti Alto 800 vs Maruti Alto K10

Maruti has replaced the standard Alto in India with a new design and body shell, which the Maruti Alto K10 (based on the previous generation Alto) is also set to acquire. The car is powered by a fun-to-drive peppy engine though – a 1-litre engine developing 68 bhp of power and can propel the car to 100 kmph in about 13 seconds. And that’s the problem part. Because the car is a fun to drive car, it should have been made safer. Possibly the next generation K10 may fare better.

Watch Suzuki Alto K10 crash test video: