Amazon delivery boy uses a horse through snowed out roads of Srinagar, Kashmir

India is home to the mightiest mountain ranges in the world – the Himalaya. There are major cities and states located in these ranges and as much beauty as they carry, the life around here is quite tough. A video showing the hardship of living in the snow-clad mountains in Srinagar, Kashmir. An Amazon shopping delivery boy uses a horse to deliver parcels and orders to move around easily in the snow. The video became viral on the Internet and Amazon India confirmed that he is indeed the delivery executive associated with the company.

The video posted by Umar Ganie shows the man riding on horseback with his big Amazon-branded backpack that contains all the parcel. After reaching the delivery address, he gets off the horse, scans the package and keeps it on the doorstep to ensure no-contact delivery that Amazon introduced post COVID-19 pandemic. The person then comes out of the home to take the package kept on the snow. The video clip has become viral on the Internet and has won a lot of appreciation from the netizens.

Snow in Srinagar

Amazon delivery boy uses a horse through snowed out roads of Srinagar, Kashmir
Danish Ismail/Reuters

After a spell of heavy snowfall and bad weather, the Srinagar remained cut from the rest of the country for about 5 days. The authorities suspended flight operation services due to the weather. Inside, the capital city, there are no snow clearing machines as mentioned in several reports. Without any snow clearing machines, the people use shovels to remove the snow and clear the snow from the way. However, the roads are not fit to drive vehicles as snow creates a challenging situation and most of the vehicles around in Srinagar are humble hatchbacks that do not offer 4X4 drive layout. This is why getting around the city during the winters is extremely difficult and almost impossible.

Horses in Snow

Horses are one of the strongest animals and livestock and are involved in a major way when it comes to farming, transporting and other things. The feet of the horses have a protective sheath and the hooves do not freeze in cold temperatures. The protective feet of the horses also ensure that the cold is not transferred to the body, which is why they remain calm and work well in such weather conditions. Other than horses, most people in the region walk to their destinations in the snowy conditions.

They wear special pots known as Kangri to keep themselves warm in the cold. Kangri is an earthen pot that remains lit and is placed inside the traditional coats of the Kashmiris, known as Phiran. It keeps them warm while walking in the cold sub-zero weather conditions.

Not clearing the snowed out roads brings major disruption in the life of the locals. Emergency services like ambulances cannot operate in the snowed out roads and it becomes a major problem. The authorities are working to bring in snow clearing machines to quickly make the roads usable after massive snowfalls that are common in the region.