This Rolls Royce is the most EXPENSIVE car in Ambani’s garage [Video]

Mukesh Ambani, who recently climbed to the 6th richest person in the world has one of the most expensive garages in India. The Ambani garage, which is more popularly known as Jio Garage has exotic vehicles from the world over. The family keeps on adding new vehicles every now and then and a latest few additions include the Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Tesla Model S and the likes. Last year, the Ambani also bought the most-expensive non-armoured car to their garage but the vehicle does not come out on the roads much. Well, which car is that? It is the behemoth Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII Extended Wheel Base (EWB).

Before you wonder, why we used the word ‘Behemoth’, the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII EWB measures a massive 5,762mm, which makes it longer than the longest Force Traveller! This is the most expensive Rolls Royce at the moment and it is priced at a massive Rs 13.5 crore on-road, Mumbai. But, it should be noted that this price is only valid for the base version, without any customisation option. Seldom there is a Rolls Royce customer who does not choose from the manufacturer’s vast customisation option that includes 44,0000 exterior colour option among others. Ambanis love to customise their cars and we have already seen it with the red interior of the Land Rover Range Rover that Anant Ambani owns.

The pictures were posted by Car Crazy India last year and then was spotted by Cs 12 Vlogs. This is the all-new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII that is equipped with all the latest features offered by the British luxury car manufacturer.

Rolls Royce 2

It is based on a new aluminium spaceframe platform, which is called as ‘Architecture of Luxury’ by Rolls Royce. Compared to the last-generation platform, this is about 30% lighter and much stronger. Being the most expensive Rolls Royce in the market, it is also the largest Rolls Royce on sale. However, it is 77mm shorter than the predecessor. However, it is 8mm taller and 29mm wider providing much more space.

It also gets a larger 24-slate signature chrome grille at the front and all-new LED projector headlamps with LED DRLs. Even the rear gets a newer and sharper look with LED tail lamps. Rolls Royce designers got the inspiration for the new Phantom VIII from a yacht and with dual-tone shade, it looks massive and grand on the roads. The new Phantom is one of the most silent cars on the roads with over 130 kg of sound insulation. It also gets 6mm double-layered sound-proof glazing on every window to stop any kind of noise from the outside world.

Rolls Royce 1

This massive Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII EWB is powered by a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine that produces a maximum power of 563 Bhp and peak torque of 900 Nm. The engine’s torque output maximizes at a low speed of 1,700 rpm only, which means that the engine noise remains at minimal. It gets an 8-speed satellite-connected automatic transmission system that can predict the gear changes according to the upcoming turn. Being massively heavy, it can do 0-100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds only!