Ambani’s third Rolls Royce has a paint job that costs Rs 1 crore [Video]

Last year, Mukesh Ambani’s family took delivery of their third Rolls Royce Cullinan, making it a noteworthy addition to their collection. This particular Rolls Royce is special not only because of its customizations but also due to its unique number plate and a significantly higher price tag. The new car was seen accompanied by the customary fleet of Ambani’s security vehicles, which includes the Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen and MG Gloster.

Earlier this year, it was reported by PTI that the cost of this new Rolls Royce Cullinan is approximately Rs 13.14 crore. While the base price of the Rolls Royce Cullinan starts at Rs 6.8 crore, the inclusion of additional optional features and customizations significantly raises the overall cost.

Although the specific customizations chosen by the Ambani family remain undisclosed, it is evident that the new Cullinan stands out with its striking Tuscan Sun color shade. The paintwork alone is rumored to have cost nearly Rs. 1 crore. Additionally, the car appears to be equipped with optional 21-inch wheels, the pricing of which is not available online and is only disclosed upon request.

Ambani’s third Rolls Royce has a paint job that costs Rs 1 crore [Video]

Numerous customization options are available, and it is unclear which ones exactly the Ambani family selected for their latest Rolls Royce. Video footage from CS12 Vlogs showcases two out of the three Rolls Royce Cullinans owned by the Ambani family in India.

The new Cullinan boasts a registration number of “0001.” While the usual cost for a VIP number is Rs 4 lakh, the family opted for a number from a new series since all the numbers from the current series were already taken. As a result, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) charged them Rs 12 lakh for the registration number alone. The RTO stated that, with written permission from the Transport Commissioner, a new series can be initiated without exhausting the previous one, albeit with three times the standard registration cost.

Ambani’s third Rolls Royce has a paint job that costs Rs 1 crore [Video]

According to the report, a one-time tax of Rs 20 lakh has been paid, and the registration is valid until January 2037. An additional Rs 40,000 has been paid as road safety tax.

Ambani owns several Rolls Royces

The Ambani garage boasts an impressive collection of Rolls Royce models. Alongside the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, they have acquired three Rolls Royce Cullinan SUVs and the latest-generation Phantom Extended Wheelbase, which carries a price tag of approximately Rs 13 crore.

Although certain media reports suggest that the new car is intended for Mukesh Ambani himself, this claim is likely untrue. Due to security reasons, he exclusively travels in bulletproof vehicles, and unless the Rolls Royce in question offers bulletproof protection, it is unlikely that he would utilize it for transportation. It appears that the new car may be an engagement gift for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. The vehicle was registered earlier this year in January.

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