Ambulance crashes into motorcyclists when autorickshaw does not give way [Video]

When there’s an ambulance around with sirens blaring, it’s common sense to give way. However, an autorickshaw driver thought otherwise and came directly in the path of an oncoming ambulance. The result wasn’t pretty. And the whole accident was caught on video. Here, watch it for yourself.

The accident happened at Kerala, when the speeding ambulance was transporting a patient. After brushing against the autorickshaw, the ambulance went out of control, colliding against a bunch of stationary motorcyclists who were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green. Luckily for the motorcycles, they cheated death with minor injuries. Police officials quickly swung into action, and allowed the ambulance to quickly reverse and carry on with its journey to the hospital.

When you ever spot an ambulance, here’s what you need to do:

  • If the ambulance has its siren on and behind you, quickly turn on your indicators and move to the left side of the road, giving the ambulance a free passage. However, make sure that there are no vehicles approaching you when you’re moving towards the left hand side.
  • Should you have an ambulance in front of you, do NOT try to tailgate it. It’s very common for motorists in India to tailgate ambulances in the hope of getting a path free of traffic as the ambulance uses its siren to carve out a quick path to the hospital.
  • If there’s an ambulance coming towards you from the wrong side of the road with its sirens and hazard lights on, get out of the way, and once again steer your vehicle towards the left hand side of the road after due indication and checking for traffic behind you.
  •  Also, do not try to play superhero by trying to lead an ambulance through traffic. It’s illegal and downright dangerous.

Via Modified Vehicles on Youtube