Ambulance held up by politician, patient dies

In the age where the government is taking steps to adopt the austerity and end the VIP culture by banning beacons on the cars, a horrific incident has surfaced. A Haryana BJP councillor, Darshan Nagpal is alleged to have created a ruckus after an ambulance clipped his car. Darshan Nagpal has denied the allegation. The incident took place in Fatehbad while the ambulance was maneuvring through traffic.

Ambulance held up by politician, patient dies

The car of the politician was clipped by the ambulance which was carrying a patient. Nagpal then chased down the ambulance, stopped it and snatched away from the keys from the driver. After a tussle of over half an hour with the family of the patient who was in the ambulance, the vehicle was let go.

The patient died on the way. A case has been registered, and both the parties have been called to investigate the issue further, said the police inspector. The councillor, taking to Times Now, has denied that he stopped the ambulance.


Via: ANI

Ambulances in India

The dense, unorganised Indian traffic seldom give ways to the emergency vehicles like ambulances. There have been numerous incidents reported where ambulances have been delayed by the traffic and even ministers. An amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act which penalises any vehicle stopping emergency vehicles, especially ambulances. The emergency vehicles in Delhi have been asked to install dash cams and loudspeakers to announce their presence and record the culprits. Any vehicle not giving way to ambulance can be fined for up to Rs. 10,000.

Recently, an ambulance got stuck in traffic when police barricaded the roads for the Karnataka home minister G Parameshwara in Bangalore. In April, an ambulance carrying a bleeding child was stopped in central Delhi for VIP movement.


However, there has been one incident where traffic cops have shown gratitude to the patients and have stopped the VIP motorcade for the ambulance. In June this year, a Bengaluru police stopped the convoy of President of India to give way to the ambulance. The cop was later rewarded by the state police.

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