Ambulance hits a biker right in the middle of the road: Who is wrong here?

Road accidents in India are very common and there are hundreds of accidents that go unreported daily. Well, a few accidents also get caught on the camera. Like this one which happened in Kerala. This is an unusual accident that took place between an ambulance and a motorcycle. Who do you think is wrong here?

The video shows a typical Indian road with chaos all around. In the video, two autorickshaws are taking U-Turn on the road at the same time. While other vehicles avoid the autorickshaw, a biker enters the frame from the left-hand side and avoid the first autorickshaw taking the turn by entering the opposite lane.

By the time he reaches the second autorickshaw, there was no space to pass so the rider slowed and almost came to a stop. Since the autorickshaw was taking a turn, the view of the biker got blocked. An ambulance coming at a high speed from the opposite direction could not see the biker either.

By the time, the bike rider and the ambulance driver spotted each other, it was too late to slow down. The ambulance driver did slow down but collided with the bike head-on. The rider falls down from the motorcycle and everyone rushes to help the rider.

Who is wrong here?

Ambulance hits a biker right in the middle of the road: Who is wrong here?

Well, a lot of them are wrong here. Starting with the auto-rickshaws who did not check for the incoming vehicles before taking the turn. If the autorickshaw drivers were more careful, this could have been avoided easily. Even the motorcycle rider was in a hurry and did not slow down looking at the autorickshaws taking the U-Turn. If the motorcycle rider had slowed down and waited for the vehicles to complete the U-Turn, there would have been no accident.

Because of the autorickshaw, a blind spot was created for the ambulance driver and the motorcycle as well. This is why the ambulance could not apply the brakes well in time and crashed into the motorcycle. Is the driver of the ambulance also at fault? Since it is an emergency vehicle, it can take any lane safe including the opposite side without breaking the laws. While we are not sure if the ambulance was on a duty, according to the laws, the ambulance driver did nothing here.

Driving through city roads in India

While the highways cause the most fatal accidents, it is the city roads where most accidents happen anyway. That is because most people do not follow the rules or overlook other vehicles.  There should have been a helper or someone who could have guided the autorickshaw to come out when it is safe. But most of these autorickshaw drivers operate the vehicle alone and dangerously.

Do you think the ambulance driver could have avoided hitting the biker? Well, no one anticipates such reckless moves but in India, one needs to be extra careful while passing such spaces and vehicles that are parked on the roads. Not only autorickshaws, but even private cars also make such moves and it is quite common to see such things happening on the roads.