Citizens create ‘zero traffic roads’ for ambulance, which covers 370 km in 4 hours

In the past, we have seen zero traffic zones or Green Corridors being created by the police to transport vital organs. Citizens of Karnataka State have created zero traffic zones for an ambulance that was carrying a woman for emergency surgery. The ambulance, which was caught driving at insane speeds on video covered around 370 km in just 4 hours.

Suhana, a 22-year-old woman had to undergo emergency lungs surgery. Haneef who was driving the ambulance took the patient from Mahavir Medical Centre in Puttur to Vydehi Hospital in Whitefield, Bengaluru. The driver took the Uppinangady – Guruvayanakere – Ujire – Charmadi Ghar route to reach Mudigere post in a mere one and half hours from the start. According to Dajiworld, the driver of the ambulance then took the Belur road to reach Vydehi Hospital. The whole journey was covered in just 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Locals on the route got to know about the emergency transfer of the patient. They then helped the police to clear the route to ensure a ‘zero traffic’ passage to the ambulance. The patient left Puttur at around 11 AM and reached Mudigere post at 12:35 PM.

Volunteers and social activists – Muhammed Arif from Banakal and other members from various organisations used WhatsApp to coordinate the exact location of the ambulance. The information was conveyed to the people on the route to ensure a zero traffic situation for the ambulance. Even police were involved in a few areas to keep the roads traffic-free.

Videos show that the ambulance being accompanied by a group of cars that are driving extremely rashly. We are not sure if the vehicles following the ambulance belonged to the relatives of the patient or they were just the general public. However, different videos show that the vehicles were driving quite dangerously and were taking corners at a high speed. No mishaps were reported from the journey.

Ambulance driver, Haneef said that every life is important to him and he was just trying to save the life of the patient by ensuring that the patient reaches the destination in the shortest time. Even Banakal police sub-inspector, Srinath Reddy appreciated the efforts made by the public and the police to give a smooth transit to the ambulance.

In the past, there have been many videos where people can be spotted taking the extra effort to ensure quick passage of the ambulances. Videos of ambulances crossing massively crowded roads in Kerala also became viral a few months ago when thousands of devotees gave way the ambulance.

However, in most cases, most motorists do not give way to the ambulances. It should be noted that such motorists can be fined heavily up to Rs 10,000 and they can even get imprisonment. Blocking the way of an emergency vehicle including fire trucks, ambulances, police cars is a major offence in India. However, due to the lack of prosecution of the culprits, people continue to block the way and many others even try to follow the emergency vehicles to get ahead of the traffic.