American couple buys an auto rickshaw in the US [Video]

An autorickshaw in India will not surprise us in any way just because we see hundreds of them on a daily basis, but if we see the same auto rickshaw a few thousand miles away in the USA, then it does grab our attention. In today’s weird but interesting stories, we have a couple from the United States of America who instead of buying a small hatchback in their country decided to buy an auto rickshaw. Yes, we are not kidding they have legitimately bought an auto rickshaw as their daily driving vehicle.

An American couple by the name of Chris and Sara uploaded a Youtube video on their channel that currently has 125K subscribers titled “We bought a rickshaw in the USA (is it street legal though?)”. The couple stated that they decided to purchase this 2018 TVS King Auto rickshaw which they call “Tuk Tuk” after they saw it being listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Chris and Sara revealed that they although made the purchase of this Tuk Tuk in a whim, they still gave it a thorough thought. They rationalized their purchase by stating that as their only vehicle of transportation was a gas guzzling van they wanted to buy another small hatchback, but due to constraints of their small garage they could not purchase a regular sized car and instead opted for this Tuk Tuk.

The couple went to describe the merits of the rickshaw by stating that it is a small vehicle which has a pretty good mileage, it is cheap and for them the best feature was that it was bright yellow. They also revealed that although as naïve as it may seem to purchase a Tuk Tuk, they have purchased it as an investment and could use it in the future for any business venture and as these rickshaws are hard to come by in the US buying it was a good decision. They said for now they are just having fun with the rickshaw.

American couple buys an auto rickshaw in the US [Video]

Chris and Sara picked up the scooter from Atlanta in their trailer and brought it home. After bringing it to their place the couple then started to learn how to drive the rickshaw around their neighborhood. From the video we can see that they were not able to drive it smoothly in the beginning but after few trail and errors both the husband and wife started to get the hang of it. They also took the rickshaw around the busy roads and and people who saw them could be seen with some ecstatic reactions. The couple also shared their new Tuk Tuk with one of their friends as well and let him drive it around the parking lot as well.

The Youtuber couple of Chris and Sara is a husband and wife digital nomad travel duo currently working and traveling full time with their pup, Kramer. They share videos of traveling and exploration of the world on their channel. They also share content from hiking and cycling to food and travel and say that they are currently experiencing the world as much as they can. They currently reside in a DIY Sprinter van which they have converted into a motorhome.