An elephant fell on this Hyundai i20 [Video]

hyundai i20 elephant

A wild elephant locals call Chakkakomban for its notorious habit of stealing jackfruit was injured in an accident. At about 7 pm on the Kochi-Dhanushkodi National Highway, the tusker entered the road and caused an accident. Following the accident, the elephant reportedly became aggressive and attacked the car.

The wild elephant entered the road and the Hyundai i20 crashed into the car. After the accident, the elephant became violent and started attacking the vehicle. The car’s occupants say that elephant stomped on the vehicle and even pierced the windshield with its tusks.

The passengers say that they were injured because of the flying glass shards. Later, the elephant left the place and entered the jungle. The forest officials said that they would scan the forest area and check if the elephant has been injured.

The injured were shifted to a private hospital in Poopara and later to Thenu Medical College Hospital. None of them suffered any serious injuries.

The locals said that Chakkomban has been active in the region for two years now. It is still unclear whether the elephant suffered any serious injuries.

An elephant fell on this Hyundai i20 [Video]

Animals, especially elephants, are generally calm and will not attack unless provoked. It is crucial to avoid getting dangerously close to wild animals as they can be unpredictable. When animals feel threatened by humans, they may resort to attacking.

That is why it is important to maintain a safe distance from wild animals. In the forests and national parks of India, it is common to come across herds of wild elephants crossing roads. In such situations, it is best to stop the vehicle and patiently wait for the animals to cross without causing any disturbance.

If an animal does happen to attack the vehicle, the best course of action is to remain calm and avoid provoking the animal further. Threatening the animal can escalate the situation and lead to more aggression.

Elephant attacks are not new

Elephant attacks on vehicles are unfortunately quite common in the area. Just a couple of months ago, a wild elephant overturned a private car that was parked on the road in the same area. There have been several reports of similar incidents in the region. However, animal attacks are not limited to this specific area of the country. Numerous reports of animal attacks, often captured on video, have been documented in other parts of the country as well.

In a recent incident, a wild hippopotamus attacked vehicles on a public road. It aggressively charged at the vehicles and was even observed chasing after them. This incident in Assam quickly went viral across the nation. Additionally, there have been numerous reports of elephant attacks in the southern states of the country.