Analysis of the accident where a 7 year old boy was tragically killed: Mistakes by everyone involved

In a horrific accident that took place in a market in Telangana recently, a seven-year-old boy was killed. The accident invited rage from all the corners of the community blaming the biker and the kid. There are many factors that resulted in the crash. Here are a few points that we could figure out from the CCTV footage.

Motorcycle was too fast for a crowded area

The motorcycle shown in the CCTV footage was too fast for a crowded area such as a market. In crowded places, there is always a higher chance of an accident. Slowing down in such areas is imperative.

What happened here: In the CCTV footage, the motorcycle was not even in the frame when the kid started to run and cross the road. At such a high-speed, the reaction time decreases and the brakes also take longer to slow down the vehicle.

Identifying potential threats

While riding on roads, one should be careful about the surroundings. There are unpredictable risks on the road, for example – stray cattle, dogs and kids. Such unpredictable threats can always make moves and cause accidents. It is important to slow down after identifying such threats and let them know your position by honking. It is always a good idea to stay a step ahead and predict next move of the person or the stray animals.

What happened here: The rider here is speeding through the narrow road without checking the surroundings. If the rider had identified the kid as a potential threat, he would have slowed down as a precaution.

The big “bus” obstacle

The big bus that has been parked at the side of the road blocks the view ahead of it. People and other vehicles can come out suddenly out of the blocked view and can cause an accident. It is always a good idea to slow down when you see such obstacles parked on the side of the road.

Parent not alert enough

Parents should be super alert on the road, especially with small kids. The mother, who is seen here with two kids is not holding hands of the children. One kid just rush to cross the road in a blink. The road probably gets less vehicular movement, and the parent or the elder who was accompanying the children was not alert enough to stop the unsafe run of the child.

Kid did not get lessons on road crossing

The Indian roads are highly unsafe for pedestrians. The child here, who started to run without scanning for the dangers of oncoming vehicle probably was not taught how to cross the road properly. Most of the vehicles in India do not slow down or stop for the pedestrians, and it is very important to learn the art of crossing roads safely in India.

To sum it up, this unfortunate accident that led to a young one losing his life was caused due to negligence at multiple levels, by multiple people.

  1. The biker was too fast in a place where he should have clearly slowed down.
  2. The mother should have held the hands of the kid, especially while crossing the road.
  3. The kid, who’s clearly older than an infant,  should have been taught to cross the road safely.
Shantonil Nag

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