Anand Mahindra impressed with ‘home-made’ electric jeep: Wants engineering head to contact builder

Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra is very active on social media and he is seen sharing images and videos related to Mahindra. He also shares inspirational videos and stories of people who have done something exceptional. He always promotes videos related to ingenious inventions. Recently a video of a mechanic had gone viral on the internet after he built an electric jeep. The bossman has now asked the engineering head of Mahindra to get in touch with the mechanic.

A Gowtham, who is the person behind the creation wrote, “Electric jeep we seperately control front wheel and back wheel . please offer me job sir” After Anand Mahindra came across the video, he wrote, “This is why I’m convinced India will be a leader in EVs. I believe America gained dominance in autos because of people’s passion for cars & technology and their innovation through garage ‘tinkering.” He also asked R Velusamy, head of engineering department in Mahindra to get in touch with Gowtham.

Anand Mahindra impressed with ‘home-made’ electric jeep: Wants engineering head to contact builder

The video shared on Twitter shows Gowtham working on an electric jeep. It does not show the whole process but, it looks like he built the full size electric jeep from scratch. He mentions that the major attraction on this electric jeep is that it is a 4WD jeep and the front and the wheels on the jeep can be controlled separately. The same feature is demonstrated in the video. In the video Gowtham starts the car in front wheel drive and after some time, he switches to 4WD on the go. The technical specification of the jeep made by Gowtham is not mentioned in his tweet.

The SUV however looks very wide and it has a classic Mahindra jeep like design. As this jeep gets 4WD system, it can easily do off-roading with right set of modifications. This is a open top jeep and Gowtham can be seen driving the jeep through the pocket roads towards the end of the video clip. The mechanic most likely has two motors in the jeep. One for the front wheels and the other for the rear. He can activate and de-activate power supply to rear motor using a switch on the dashboard. This is not the first time we have seen someone building an electric jeep in India. Most of the electric jeeps built in the past were miniature version that were meant for children. They were also 2WD versions.

We have Rakesh Babu from Kerala who became popular on internet for building a miniature version of Volkswagen Beetle in his workshop. After the miniature Beetle, he built miniature Yamaha RX100, miniature electric version of Mahindra jeep and many more. He even built a miniature version of a Shelby Cobra which is completely electric for children. In the past, Anand Mahindra has also shared a video of a trike which was being used by a milk delivery man with large containers behind him. He was impressed with the ingenuity and was interested in meeting the person who was riding it.