Anand Mahindra just CONFIRMED Jawa Motorcycles’ launch timeline for India

The wait is nearly over. Mahindra will soon launch the Jawa range of retro-styled modern motorcycles in the Indian  market, and we have confirmation from none other than Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra group. Mr.  Mahindra just tweeted that the Jawa range of retro-modern motorcycles for the Indian market will be launched this year. Here’s his tweet confirming this big development.

Last week, Mr. Mahindra tweeted about Jawa’s imminent arrival and today, we have confirmation of the launch timeline.  If you’re looking for a retro-modern motorcycle like the ones sold by Royal Enfield, you may want to wait for another 6 months to check out Jawas before making a buying decision. The Jawa range sold by Mahindra is likely to borrow the engine from the Mahindra Mojo, a slow-selling premium touring motorcycle sold by the company.

The Mojo’s 292-cc, four-stroke engine is a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled fuel-injected unit that puts out 27 Bhp of  peak power and 30 Nm of peak torque. A modern engine that features a four-valve head and twin overhead camshafts, it’s paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Anand Mahindra just CONFIRMED Jawa Motorcycles’ launch timeline for India

This motor could be packaged into a bike with retro-styling to offer it as a modern alternative to Royal Enfields. Mahindra already has access to upside-down front forks and  monoshock rear suspension from the Mojo’s parts bin, and a tried-and-tested frame. All these mechanical aggregates are likely to come together on the Jawa motorcycle.

Mahindra is likely to use the Jawa brand of retro-modern motorcycles to gun straight for Royal Enfield, a very strong  brand in India that makes a range of best-selling retro motorcycles with a few modern touches. Currently, Royal Enfield is India’s market leader in premium motorcycles priced at over Rs. 1 lakh, with nearly 85 % market share. In fact, Royal Enfield sells over 70,000 of its retro-styled motorcycles each month, with the Classic 350 being the  biggest seller. This does indicate that there’s a big market for such motorcycles, and this is something that Mahindra would want to capitalize on.