Indian Start-Up Builds Self-Driving Bolero: Anand Mahindra Impressed [Video]

anand Mahindra reacts to self driving bolero

Just a few weeks ago, a video of a Mahindra Bolero driving autonomously in India went viral. This video has been watched by a number of people in the country, and the most recent one to watch and acknowledge this video is none other than Mr. Anand Mahindra himself. The Mahindra chairman recently reshared this video on Twitter and commended the job done by the creator of this SUV.

Anand Mahindra appreciates self-driving Bolero

Anand Mahindra, on his X account, shared this video and appreciated Sanjeev Sharma. For those who may not be aware, Sanjeev Sharma’s company, Swaayatt Robots, has built this unique Mahindra Bolero SUV. Anand Mahindra commended Sanjeev’s efforts of using complex math to target level 5 autonomy.

He stated that he is cheering loudly for the success of this project. Lastly, showing his humorous wit, Anand Mahindra added that he won’t be debating the choice of car for this project. As stated above, Swaayatt Robots utilized a Mahindra Bolero which has been fitted with numerous cameras and sensors.

Sanjeev Sharma’s reply

After the Mahindra chief shared his appreciation for the self-driving Bolero, the owner of the company, Sanjeev Sharma, also shared a tweet highlighting Anand Mahindra’s reply. He stated that he has been humbled to know that his years of mathematical research in numerous subjects are being recognized.

Sanjeev added that he is especially ecstatic as it has been recognized by none other than Mr. Anand Mahindra. Sanjeev Sharma, in his tweet, mentioned, “Thank you so much for both recognizing our R&D, and for sharing it with the world!!”

He concluded by stating, “This was our 80th demonstration on the roads in India. Our off-road autonomous driving R&D is challenging the parameters of success set by the US Department of Defense and DARPA.”

He added, “for example, their RACER program. Recently, on March 6th, we demonstrated autonomous driving off-roads, with the ability to negotiate an inflow of traffic — a capability unique to Swaayatt Robots at this point in time. We will definitely keep doing our level best going forward and enable #autonomousdriving in ever-increasing complexity.”

India’s first self-driving Mahindra Bolero

As stated above, the video of this Mahindra Bolero driving autonomously has been shared on YouTube by Swaayatt Robots on their channel. In this video, three angles of the Bolero were shown. The first was the main exterior shot which showed the Bolero navigating through the way.

The other was the point of view of the SUV, and the third angle showed the steering wheel of the SUV. It starts off with the vehicle driving from the first ground where there were a few people standing as obstacles. The Bolero easily managed to dodge them and navigate around them.

Indian Start-Up Builds Self-Driving Bolero: Anand Mahindra Impressed [Video]

In the video, another Toyota Fortuner with a similar sensor was seen parked on the right side of the Bolero. It was then noted that the Bolero was driving on its designated left lane. The entire control of the vehicle was being done by the autonomous level 5 ADAS technology developed by Swaayatt Robots.

Despite numerous obstacles on the left lane like a tractor and a pedestrian, the Bolero, using numerous sensors and cameras, was able to avoid colliding with any of them. It has to be also mentioned that the SUV was seen stopping in situations where it could not dodge an obstacle.