Anand Mahindra to TUV300 owner – It’s not an amphibious vehicle: Here’s why he said that

Anand Mahindra, the chief of Mahindra and Mahindra, is quite active on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Customers and enthusiasts keep on tagging the bossman showing various things and he religiously replies to most of the posts. With the infamous monsoon hitting Mumbai, someone posted a picture of the TUV 300 going through the flooded streets of the financial capital. Here’s what happened next.

What did Anand Mahindra say?

The picture was posted from inside the vehicle showing the water-logged streets of Mumbai. The post praised the TUV 300 and the person thanked Anand Mahindra for making such a vehicle. He also claimed that the depth of water is about 4 feet, which is a lot.

Anand Mahindra replied to the post saying “Glad to hear that, but please stay safe. Don’t push your luck too far.. it’s not an amphibious vehicle.” Every year, service centres are filled with vehicles affected by flood waters. Many manufacturers hold special drives for the repair of such cars and also release advisories on how to avoid damage by flood water.

While SUVs have a high ground clearance and the air-intake is positioned at a higher position than other cars, water can still get in. The water levels, on the road, can rise due to the ripples made by the other vehicles and can enter the air intake of the vehicle. It can hydro lock the vehicle instantly.

What should you do on a waterlogged street?

It is best to avoid waterlogged roads or wait for the water to subside. However, if it is inevitable to cross a flooded road, here are a few things that can keep you safe.

  • Always drive in the middle of the road as the water level is deeper on the banks.
  • If a car stops in the middle, do not try to start it and call for a tow truck.
  • Never open the door if the water level reaches the door. The water can enter the vehicle and ruin it completely.
  • Always maintain a constant speed with high rpm at a lower gear. This ensures that the water stays out of the exhaust pipe.