CM Jagan Mohan Reddy gets bullet-proof Toyota Fortuners worth Rs 3 crore

Andhra Pradesh’s newly elected chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has completed a fortnight after assuming the new position. The Z+ Security convoy of the newly elected minister has received new cars for the safety of the minister. He was recently spotted with a convoy of new cars that includes six bulletproof SUVs – all last generation Toyota Fortuners.

The move comes after the police department of the state approved a convoy of six vehicles consisting of Tata Safari Storme for the new CM. However, the decision was changed due to security reasons as per the officials. As per the report in New Indian Express, six new Toyota Fortuner SUVs with bulletproof shieldings have been added to the convoy of the minister, who has the Z+ security status.

The Tata Safari Storme that were approved for the convoy of the newly elected minister was also bulletproof. However, the exact reasons for choosing the Fortuner over the Safari Storme remains unknown. Jagan Reddy has already started using the new fleet of cars in his convoy. It should be noted that the minister himself travels in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

All the six Toyota have given bulletproof shielding, which can be done aftermarket and costs a lot of money. According to the reports, the bulletproof version of the Toyota Fortuner costs Rs 50 lakh each, which makes the price of all the six new vehicles put together at Rs 3 crore. The Toyota Land Cruiser, which is used for the minister costs more than Rs 1 crore plus the cost of making it bulletproof costs around Rs 30-50 lakh.

It should be noted that all the SUVs used in the convoy of the newly elected CM are in black colour, and they are not the all-new Fortuners. In fact, they are the previous generation Toyota Fortuner SUVs with similar bullbars placed at the front. It is not known if the SUVs were bought used or they were with some other unit of the police department.

The Toyota Fortuner SUV is quite popular among the politicians in India. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy has the all-new bulletproof Toyota Fortuners that are seen regularly guarding the main cars. Even the Toyota Fortuners used in the convoy of the PM Modi are of black colour. The Fortuner’s rugged looks and intimidating stance makes it a popular choice for the security agencies. India’s richest family – the Ambanis use numerous new-generation Fortuners in their convoy to ensure safety while travelling on the roads.

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy gets bullet-proof Toyota Fortuners worth Rs 3 crore

The bulletproofing of these vehicles are done quite discreetly, which makes sure that the car cannot be differentiated from the regular vehicles. However, adding the bulletproof shieldings to the vehicle make them heavier. The old fleet of Safari Storme has been sent to Hyderabad and will be used in the ministerial convoy whenever he’s visiting the city.

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