Android users are more humble and better drivers than iPhone users, says study

According to a study, Android users are better drivers than iPhone users. The study also revealed that Android users are more humble than iPhone users. Jerry is a smartphone car insurance comparator who performed the study.

Android users are more humble and better drivers than iPhone users, says study

The study is based on analyzing the driving behaviour of 20,000 drivers that were collected during 13 million kilometers of driving. In every test that was conducted, it was the Android user that one-upped the iPhone users. The tests included turning, acceleration, braking, distractions, turning, speed etc. Moreover, the study also says that iPhone users are most likely to check their phones while driving than Android users.

The report says, “Jerry analyzed data collected from 20,000 drivers during 13 million kilometres of driving over a 14-day period. The data generated an overall driving score as well as sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, turning, and distraction. Then we grouped the results by smartphone operating system and various demographic characteristics,”

Android users are more humble and better drivers than iPhone users, says study

The report also reveals that Android users are more open and honest. They are also not drawn to luxurious things. And they are also more conscientious, had high levels of honesty and “feel little temptation to break the rules.” On the other hand, iPhone users were less predictable and consistent in their behaviour. However, they were more emotional.

Another big reason why Android users are better drivers is that the study observed that Android users’ age was more than iPhone users’ age. Usually, as the age increases, the person becomes wiser and rides safely. When compared, the young drivers can be a bit adventurous and fearless in nature. Because of this, the report says that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users.

In other news, Apple is preparing to launch its new generation of iPhone 14 series. This time, it is expected that there will be four models. There will be iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPhone Max and iPhone Pro Max. It is expected that Apple will not be doing a mini version of the iPhone this year because it is not really a great seller. From the renders, it seems like iPhone will finally be moving to a punch-hole type display for the Pro Max and Pro. Apple will be launching the iPhone 14 series in September this year.

On the other hand, Google is working on the Pixel 6a and unlike the Pixel 6 series which was not launched officially in India, the Pixel 6a will be launched in India. The “a” series of Google is considered to be one of the best phones when it comes to budget. Recently, a long-rumoured Pixel Watch was also spotted in the wild. Apparently, someone left the prototype of the watch at a restaurant. Google is also preparing for the I/O 2022. We are expecting Google to reveal the Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch and Android 13. The Beta 1 version of Android 13 is already out.


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