Angry BMW owner in India uses luxury SUV as a garbage truck in protest: Here’s why

A frustrated BMW X1 customer from Ranchi, Jharkhand showed his anger by using the vehicle to pick-up garbage from the colonies. The owner of a brand-new BMW X1 got the car a few months ago and he was not satisfied with the problems and the way service centre handled his case. He used the vehicle to pick up garbage to show his anger and disappointment in the brand.

According to the owner of the car, he bought the brand-new X1 sDrive20d from the authorised Ranchi showroom of the brand. However, the tyre of the vehicle had a major puncture and it was ruined. After the owner took the vehicle to the showroom, he was suggested to use the spare tyre and they did not repair or replaced the tyre. After using the spare tyre in the vehicle and driving it around, the axle of the vehicle came out of alignment. To repair the same, the owner had to take insurance. There are few other minor niggles that the owner did no mention. However, he says that he is extremely unsatisfied with the service centre. The owner says that he will collaborate with the other BMW owners and will promote “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” and will also log a case against the dealership

The vehicle was gifted by him to his father and as per the video, his father could not use the car. After posting the video of picking up the garbage from the neighbourhood, there are a few more owners who have voiced their concerns too. As per the video, around 20 BMW customers have faced similar issues.

The owner Prince Srivastav also owns a BMW Z4 and loves the vehicle. He also says in the video that BMW cars are excellent and he would recommend the brand to many of his friends, however, he will not recommend people to buy from the Ranchi, Jharkhand BMW as the service is extremely bad. He also added that all kinds of cars can face problems but it totally depends on the service centre how they handle the situation and make the customers satisfied.

It should be noted that BMW and many other luxury and even mass-segment vehicles offer a space-saver spare tyre. These tyres are not full-size tyres and have a speed limit on them. Which means that most vehicles with space saver spare tyres cannot go on high-speed runs and also, the level of comfort also reduces after the space saver tyres. It should also be noted that many vehicles with 17-inch or larger tyres demand low-profile tyres. These low-profile tyres are extremely unsuitable for the Indian roads because of the large potholes and road conditions across the country.

There have been many such incidents in the past where customers have collected garbage, have done protests by writing their grievances on the vehicle itself. There have been incidents where vehicles have been towed by donkeys too. Such things go long back in India where a king in India did the same to Rolls Royce vehicles after he was insulted in the showrooms of Rolls Royce in England.