Angry cop BUSTS sub-inspector for riding without wearing a helmet [Video]

Not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is one of the most common offences in India. Even after awareness programs by the authorities and the police, there are many who ignore wearing the helmet. While it is illegal to ride a two-wheeler without a helmet in India, it can be extremely dangerous and can cause fatal accidents too. Here is a video from Chennai, Tamil Nadu where a police officer can be seen without a helmet and a senior police officer busting him on the road.

Chennai traffic police busts sub-inspector

The incident happened in Central Chennai at Kamraj Salai during the broad daylight. The video put up by Behindwoods Air shows a uniformed police officer getting stopped by the police on the busy road of the city. The police officer riding the motorcycle turned out to be a sub-inspector and he was stopped by Assistant Police Commissioner. In the video, the senior police officer can be heard scolding the sub-inspector for flouting the rules and asking him to park the motorcycle on the side.

However, it is not clear if any action was taken against the sub-inspector who was riding without the helmet. It should be noted that Chennai’s Police Commissioner strictly warned the government servants and officials of the administration and authorities to follow the rules. The assistant commissioner on duty who stopped the sub-inspector was following the same.

Angry cop BUSTS sub-inspector for riding without wearing a helmet [Video]

It is not the first time that a police officer has been seen riding without the essential safety helmet. There have been many incidents in the past too and many police officers riding without the helmet have been confronted by the general public on the camera. Also, there have been videos that show the cops driving around without the seatbelts.

It is not uncommon in India to find such police officers who ride without a helmet on the roads. However, only a few get stopped or fined by the police. We are not sure what action will be taken against the sub-inspector but it sure is a good move to stop such law-breakers who are in charge of enforcing the law.

Earlier, a police officer from Mumbai was confronted by a motorist on the public roads for not wearing a helmet and breaking the traffic signal. The police officer abused the rider on camera and even told him that he has no authority to ask the police officer about such things. In India, fine for not wearing a helmet varies from Rs 100 to Rs 500 depending on the state, which a relatively small amount of money. The state police forces have also started using the surveillance cameras extensively to issue e-challan to the law-breakers on the roads.

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