Angry elephant attacks Tata Nano and lorry during temple procession [Video]

Domesticating elephants and taking using them as part of religious processions and rituals is a common sight in many parts of India. In South India, these elephants are often decorated heavily and are displayed during festive occasions. Several incidents have been reported in the past where these domesticated elephants go out of control, get angry or scared and destroy things and attack people. During the pandemic and lockdown, such reports were not being reported as there was a restriction on such religious gatherings and activities. As things have now started going back to normal more of these incidents have started appearing online. In one such incident, an angry elephant in Kerala attacked vehicles parked on the road.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Kerala’s Palakkad district. The exact reason on what triggered the elephant is not known or mentioned in the video. When the video starts, the elephant is seen attacking a tree on the road side. Couple of two wheelers were parked next to it and it looks like the elephant pushed they down as well. A Tata Nano that was parked next to it can be seen rolling down the road after the elephant pushed. It looks like the driver left the car when he saw the elephant. The handbrake was not engaged.

After this, it looked like the elephant was starting to calm down. The mahout is trying hard to bring the elephant under control as there are two people sitting on top of the elephant. The elephant was brought for a religious procession in the area when it went mad. The people of top of the elephant are actually stuck as they cannot come down. The mahout is seen trying hard to get it back in control but, the elephant was not listening to any of the instructions.

Angry elephant attacks Tata Nano and lorry during temple procession [Video]

After some time, the mahout asked to bring the lorry in which these elephants are normally transported. The lorry came near the elephant but, the elephant became angry and attacked the lorry with its tusk. It is not clear from the visuals whether the elephant was pushing the lorry backwards or the driver had engaged reverse gear. The elephant pushed the lorry till the end of the road before finally turning back. Many people were actually running after the elephant to see what is actually happening which is actually quite dangerous.

Luckily in this case, the elephant was not charging on people. If something like that were to happen, then it would have destroyed the area completely. According to the video, the mahouts were able to gain back the control on the elephant after quite some time. Every elephant that is used in such religious processions undergoes medical checkup and only if the elephant is fit, he is included. Some things like harsh light, heat, and loud sound often disturb elephants and these could be a reason why the elephant seen in the video was seen attacking things around it.