Angry Ford Endeavour driver breaks toll gate barrier: Hurls money at staff [Video]

ford endeavour owner at toll

In the past we have come across several incidents where drivers get into fight with employees at the toll booths on the National Highway. In most of the cases, the driver is not willing to pay the toll.  We have even the argument with the toll gate staff getting escalated to such an extent that people start fighting on the road. Here we have one such video of a Ford Endeavour owner who broke the toll gate barrier and when he was asked about the behaviour, the driver simply hurled money at the staff.

The video has been shared by Shubhankar Mishra on Twitter. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli. It looks like the video was recorded by one of the employees at the toll booth. When the video starts, we can see a black coloured Ford Endeavour SUV in front of the toll booth. If we look at the video, it looks like the Ford Endeavour driver was driving through the wrong side of the road. At the end of the video, we can see another Ford Endeavour on the other side. The position of the toll booth barrier also hints that he was the driving the SUV in the wrong side.

The staff at the toll booth is seen arguing with the driver and it looks like, this is not the first time, he has done something like this. There are reports that suggest that the driver was drunk but, as of now there is no solid evidence to prove the same. The staff questions him why he broke the barrier to which the driver responded by taking out a stack of currency notes and hurled it at the staff.  The driver asks the staff to pick the money and shut his mouth but, the worker did not. The worker can be seen asking the driver to not show off the money. The driver then takes the Endeavour back and then when he sees that the worker is again following him, he simply drives the SV to the barrier and breaks it.

Angry Ford Endeavour driver breaks toll gate barrier: Hurls money at staff [Video]

As the video is about to end, we can see another Ford Endeavour in the toll booth. We are not sure, if the SUV belonged to someone from the group or was it just a coincidence. We are not sure, whether any action has been taken against the driver of the vehicle. In the last couple of years, the toll collection on highways have changed. All the cars using the national highway must have a FasTag. This was done to reduce the waiting time at the toll booths. The tag will be scanned at the booth and the amount will automatically get deducted from the owner’s account.

There are reports that confirm a new toll collection system in the country. It will be an advanced version of the FasTag. For toll tax collection, the ministry is charting out a plan for relying on automatic number plate reader cameras. According to Minister Gadkari, these cameras will be able to read the number plates of the vehicles and automatically deduct toll amounts from the car driver’s authorized and linked bank account.