Angry Goans make contractor & PWD engineer experience the pain of a potholed road [Video]

Potholes on the Indian roads are a major problem. The problem is not limited to a single state but numerous states of the country suffer from the potholes. Goans have now taken an unconventional step to make the road-building contractors and PWD experience the potholes on the roads.

This video shows the Goans from the Cancona taking the matter in their hands. A group of locals visit the Public Works Department (PWD) office and protest against the bad roads and potholes. The PWD engineer then calls the contractor, who placed the winning bid to build the road in the area. After the contractor arrives, the locals then ask them to fix the roads. However, the PWD engineer and the contractor defend themselves by giving several reasons.

One of the reasons given by the contractor is the weather. He says that since it is raining heavily in the region, the roads have washed away and that is why the condition of the roads have become extremely bad. Also, they say that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is carrying out several works including a pipeline work, which has made the condition of the roads even worse. As per the locals, the engineer and the contractor have given similar reasons in the past and have delayed making the roads. However, the locals did not take any of the reasons given by the contractor and the engineer.

Goa Pothole Protest Featured

The locals can be heard saying in the video that even a patient died on the way to the hospital in ambulance due to the bad roads. This is when they ask the engineer and the contractor to sit in the ambulance and experience how it feels to go through such rough roads. After the locals demand that both of them should be inside the ambulance and feel the roads themselves, the contractor and the engineer get inside the ambulance. The contractor is made to lie down on the stretcher while the engineer sat beside him. The locals take both of them for a ride on the broken roads of the city.

After both of them return, the locals take feedback from them too. The contractor can be heard saying in the camera that the experience was painful. After giving them the experience of the bad roads in the ambulance, the locals again urge them to make the roads better and fix the bad roads. The locals can be heard giving their experiences towards the end of the video too.

Recently, the Deputy SP of Traffic, Goa Police said on camera that good roads cause accidents, not the potholes on the roads. This statement is similar to the statement made by Karnataka Deputy CM, Govind Karjol, who made the statement a few days back!

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