Angry Indian villager vs biker girl on a Ducati Diavel superbike [Video]

Indian highways and roads are not the safest in the world and every now and then, we get to hear about stories of highway robbing, looting and other crimes. Well, such incidents are more common than you may think and many of us have faced something or the other on the Indian highways. Here is a video that shows another incident from one of the villages in India.

The video clip is a part of a review done by “BikeWithGirl”. We will not talk about the review or any comments made on the Ducati Diavel. Instead, we will only talk about the short clip that is put in the video showing that the villagers are getting angry about the shoot.

The small clip of a few seconds shows BikeWithGirl talking to a villager who is asking her to leave from the spot. The incident outside Mumbai when the team was shooting at the spot for around 2 hours. A person came to the spot and asked her to leave the area. The person said that “A lot of women get raped here” and they should leave from there. The BikeWithGirl team spent 30 mins more there to complete the shoot before leaving from the spot.

Arguing with the locals

Angry Indian villager vs biker girl on a Ducati Diavel superbike [Video]

In many parts of India, locals do not feel comfortable when outsiders visit their place or go through the roads. It can be because of a bad experience that they may have gone through in the past or something else. Or simply, they may not like the loud vehicles, your driving or riding styles and so on. We should always respect the locals and more than that, we should avoid any kind of argument. It is best to leave from the spot as the locals can gather a crowd in large number within minutes and your help can be hours away.

Also, it is always a good idea to back off if you come face-to-face with an aggravated local. Any kind of aggression can go out of hand and the situation can turn violent. That is why it is best to leave from the spot and then call the local police if you feel that you need help. Mob mentality can become aggressive within a few minutes and it is never a good idea to stay around in front of locals gathering at a spot.

It is also important to remain calm in all types of situations. In the past, many incidents have taken place where the locals have manhandled the tourists including bikers. In one of the cases, the local villagers even damaged the motorcycle of a person, who allegedly hit a kid with the bike.