Angry Mahindra Thar owner blames modifier for poor mods after spending Rs. 12 lakh

The current generation Mahindra Thar became popular among buyers in a very short span of time. The main reason behind its popularity was its looks and off-road capability along with affordable price tag. We have seen several examples of modified Mahindra Thar on internet, Many of them have been modified in such a manner that the car looks entirely different from the stock. Here we have video of a Mahindra Thar owner who is not satisfied with the modification work done on his Thar and blames modifier for not doing the work properly.

The video has been uploaded by Panwar Brothers on their YouTube channel. Mahindra Thar seen in this video was once featured on our website earlier this year. It grabbed attention mainly because of its unique all white paint job. The modification work on this Thar was done by Sikand Cars from Ludhiana. The car was completely modified into a premium looking SUV from both outside and inside. The owner had spent almost 12 lakh on modification and yet he is not satisfied with the quality of work.

In this video, he points out the problems with the car that he has been facing months after the modification. He mentions that the days after he received the car after modification, gear lever of his automatic Thar was getting stuck and was not slotting to Park and Reverse. The owner managed to drive the car to the service centre. After inspection, it was found that Sikand Cars had replaced one of the screw which was different from the one that Mahindra uses. The repair costed the owner around Rs 12,000 and when he informed the modifier about this issue, he did not offer a proper reply.

Angry Mahindra Thar owner blames modifier for poor mods after spending Rs. 12 lakh

The car was repainted in White shade and the quality of paint job is so bad that rust has started appearing in some of the metal panels and corners. Moving in, owner says that the horn pad on the steering is too stiff to use and couple of USB ports that were installed by Sikand Cars are not working anymore. The owner had installed components on the A pillar and the leatherette upholstery around them has started to crack. The crack is clearly visible in the video. Sikand Cars also installed a feature where the petrol lid can be opened using the remote central lock. Now that feature is also not working.

The owner mentions that he had approached Sikand Cars several times and even sent him video about the issues that he has been facing. So far, the owner has not received any response from them. Owner is so unhappy with the service and quality of work that he openly says on video that people who are planning to modify Thar should not got to Sikand Cars. Modification is actually illegal in India but people still do it because, it gives their car a different identity. This is a case where things did not happen as per the plan and we hope the owner gets the issues in his car resolved as Rs 12 lakh is a huge amount.