Angry Mahindra XUV300 driver rams into an ice cream stall because he ‘didn’t like the taste’ [Video]

India is full of amusing things and many of these things get caught on video. A viral footage of a Mahindra XUV300 driver ramming into an ice cream stall shows how arrogant a few people can be. The video was taken by a fellow who was near the stall.

While the exact details remains unknown, the channel that has shared the video has said that the incident happened when the owner of the car did not like the taste of the icecrem. The video shows the Mahindra XUV300 ramming into the ice cream stall multiple times.

The location of this incident remains unknown. However, the video shows that white-coloured Mahindra XUV300 deliberately ramming into the falooda (ice cream) stall. According to the video, the owner of the XUV300 ordered the ice cream but did not like the taste. When the ice cream stall owner asked the car owner to pay the money, he got angry and rammed his car into the stall.

There is no update on the incident and no one knows if the ice cream stall owner has filed a complaint against the ice cream stall owner. There is no report of police action against the car owner as well.

Luckily no one got injured in the incident. It seems like no one was inside the stall when the XUV300 rammed into it. However, such incidents show how people do not care about laws and others. This could have ended in a much different way.

Police must take action against such rouges. The registration plate is clearly visible in the video as well.

Deliberate crashes

This is not the first time that we are getting to see car drivers deliberately crashing into others on Indian roads. Last year, drunk IT professionals crashed into multiple parked vehicles in Bengaluru. The IT professionals started creating a ruckus after the DJ did not play the songs they were asking for.

Five individuals who were expelled from a pub entered a Toyota Innova, with Suhas assuming control of the vehicle. Suhas, feeling frustrated and aggrieved about being ejected from the pub, drove the Innova recklessly outside the pub and intentionally collided with two parked cars that belonged to individuals named Savithru Shetty and Roshan.

Another youth was arrested last year after he crashed his Mahindra Scorpio Classic into a biker after an altercation. The Mahindra Scorpio sped past the group. While overtaking the Royal Enfield rider, the Scorpio’s rear bumper hit a Royal Enfield motorcycle and the rider fell on the road.

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