Angry man cuts power to traffic lights & police station after challan, arrested

Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd’s employee A Ramesh was arrested by the cops after he cut the power supply to police stations and a traffic signal. Annoyed over a traffic challan, the Hyderabad man disconnected power to two police stations and also disconnected power supply to a traffic signal. Cyberabad Police has arrested Ramesh after the incident.

Angry man cuts power to traffic lights & police station after challan, arrested

The accused bore a grudge against traffic police after they issued a challan to a minor who was caught riding Ramesh’s bike. Once Ramesh got to know about the challan, he rushed to the spot and engaged in a heated argument with the police officers who were on-duty. After an exchange of words, the traffic police officers did not budge and issued a challan, especially because of the severity of the violation. Underage driving is a crime in India and the authorities and cops are taking strict action to reduce the same.

Ramesh went from the spot but later at night, Ramesh decided to disconnect the power supply. He cut the powerline to Jeedimetla traffic and I&O police stations in the city. That’s not it. He then decided to create trouble for the traffic police too. He went to the same spot where the cops stopped his motorcycle and disconnected the power to the traffic signal. The traffic signal remained out of order for over 2 hours.

Police reached out to the power department

Angry man cuts power to traffic lights & police station after challan, arrested

The cops reached out to the power department soon after. The officials at the department intervened and the power supply to the police stations was restored within a few hours. The traffic signal was up and working again in two hours. The did not know who exactly did it but they got a hint and arrested Ramesh.

After arresting Ramesh, the cops have booked him under relevant sections under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The court has sent him to judicial custody. We are not sure if he will have to serve imprisonment or has to pay a fine.

In 2019, a similar incident happened in Uttar Pradesh. Traffic police issued a challan of Rs 500 to electricity board lineman for not wearing a helmet. The lineman got angry and severed the power line to the police station. However, the electricity department where the lineman worked said that they cut the power because of the pending bills since 2016.

Online challans

This is the reason why police across India have started using online challans instead of physical challans. In simplest ways, most cops just click a picture of the violation with the registration number of the vehicle and send the same to the registered address. Even the government officials have asked the policemen to send online challans to reduce such interactions with the violators.

In the past, many police officers got into life-threatening situations after motorists refused to stop. Some of them even drove around with the policeman on the top of the trunk. This is why online challans are widely used nowadays by almost all the state police forces.