Angry Ola electric scooter customers shut showroom down for ‘poor service’ [Video]

Ola Electric has emerged as one of the most popular electric vehicle brands in India. However, there have been numerous complaints lodged against their scooters. A recent incident in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, showcases frustrated Ola Electric customers compelling a showroom to shut down, as captured in a video by Rushlane.

Several owners of Ola Electric scooters gathered to voice their anger and frustration, demanding improved service. The video depicts multiple owners expressing their concerns and grievances, particularly regarding extended repair durations. The customer in the video also addresses the lack of benefits from Ola’s extended warranty, Care+ program, and Roadside Assistance program.

One customer recounted an inconvenience due to a non-functional roadside assistance program. He emphasized the lengthy waiting hours for repairs to be completed. Roadside assistance services are designed to promptly aid customers facing road-related issues and eliminate prolonged wait times. However, it appears that Ola’s roadside assistance program does not effectively address this problem.

This issue also appears to be localized to the service managers at the Ola Service Centre in Ichalkaranji. The customer named the service manager Suraj Mane, alleging his inattention to customer issues. Additionally, customers assert that the service center lacks the necessary equipment to effectively address the problems they present.

Ola Offers Roadside Assistance and Service

Angry Ola electric scooter customers shut showroom down for ‘poor service’ [Video]

After their initial strategy of selling directly to customers without showrooms faced setbacks, Ola Electric established multiple experience zones and service centers across the country. While there are no Ola Electric dealerships, the brand operates Experience Zones that enable customers to personally experience their products.

Ola Electric also offers 200+ service centres that customers can use to bring their vehicles and get it serviced. Also, there are roadside assistance programs by Ola Electric where they promise to provide assistance anywhere across the country within a few hours. This is not the first time Ola Electric customers are protesting against the poor service. In the past, we have seen numerous instances of similar complaints and protests by the greiving customers of Ola Electric. Recently, the brand revealed a vision of introducing many new products including electric motorcycles in India.

Ola Electric also boasts over 200 service centers, providing customers the option to bring their vehicles for servicing. Furthermore, Ola Electric offers roadside assistance programs, promising swift assistance anywhere in the country within a few hours.

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