Angry over unpaid dues, labourer sets owner’s Mercedes Benz luxury car on fire: Arrested [Video]

Noida police has just arrested a labourer who set his owner’s Mercedes Benz luxury car on fire. The incident, caught on CCTV, shows the labourer pouring some substance on the parked Mercedes Benz car’s bonnet, following which the car catches fire. The labourer has been identified as Ranveer – a 40-year old from Bihar, who was miffed with the Mercedes Benz owner for not paying his dues. The labourer is said to have installed pipes in the house of the Mercedes Benz owner. While the pipe laying work is said to have cost Ranveer Rs. 5 lakh, he was paid only Rs. 2.8 lakh, and Rs. 2.2 lakh was the unpaid due. This prompted Ranveer to set fire to the Mercedes Benz car. Here’s CCTV footage of the incident.

What can you do about such incidents?

Not much really. This incident is another reminder on why you need to have a solid insurance policy that covers such random acts of vandalism. The easiest solution here is to complain to the police department, and then go ahead and use the FIR to file an insurance claim.

Do remember that the five year mandatory insurance policy that is now sold with all new cars sold in India covers only the third party after the first year. So, it’s important to understand this fact, and buy a comprehensive insurance policy after the first year.

Angry over unpaid dues, labourer sets owner’s Mercedes Benz luxury car on fire: Arrested [Video]

Investing in a dash cam can also help!

Dashcams can capture what’s happening in the front and rear of the car, both when the car is moving and stationary. Investing in a dashcam that records video even when the car is parked will help you during the insurance claim. Video evidence will also help you nail the person who indulges in such vandalism.

How to stop a fire fueled by petrol?

Pouring water on a petrol fire is not a good idea as the fire could actually spread due to petrol being lighter than water. Instead, use a carbon dioxide (CO2) based fire extinguisher that spares CO2 on a petrol fire, cutting oxygen supply to the fire. Once oxygen supply it cut off, the fire will die out very quickly.

It’s always a good practice to keep a CO2-based fire extinguisher in the car. It’s quite inexpensive. Just make sure that you replace the extinguisher after its expiry date as fire extinguishers lose their efficacy after long periods of disuse.