Angry owner sets Kia Seltos on fire after repeated engine problems: Arrested [Video]

Angry owner of Kia Seltos SUV from Jodhpur, Rajasthan poured petrol on their car and set it on fire inside the showroom. The incident happened during daytime after the owner was not satisfed with the service centre as they could not rectify a problem. The owner claims that he has been facing a recurring problem from past two years. The owner and his friend have been arrested by the Jodhpur police following a complaint from the Kia service center.

The owner of the car went to the service centre with an acquintance to get the car service. After giving details of the problems the owner was facing, he registered a complaint with the manager too. When the manager called the service staff, an argument between the owner and staff erupted.

After a ferocious exchange of words, the owner got some petrol in a bottle, poured it over the Kia Seltos, which was parked inside the service centre and set it on fire. The car caught fire within seconds and service centre staff rushed to bring the fire under control. The CCTV footage shows the staff using fire extinguishers to bring the fire under control.

Angry owner sets Kia Seltos on fire after repeated engine problems: Arrested [Video]

Dealer association of western Rajasthan condemned the act. However, we are not sure about the exact problem that the owner of the car was facing. Two people including the owner of the car were arrested from the dealership for creating a commotion. However, they were released on bail. Later, the cops arrested the duo again for attempted murder.

Two staff members of the dealership were injured and hurt during the fire incident. Both of them were given first aid.

Owners have complained about the Seltos earlier

Angry owner sets Kia Seltos on fire after repeated engine problems: Arrested [Video]

Many new Kia Motors customers seem to have a harrowing time after taking delivery of the new vehicle. After an incident of Kia Seltos catching fire after the service centre repaired the car, another owner complained about a brand-new Seltos breaking down thrice on the delivery day.

The problem started right after the delivery. The owner Balaso informed that the brand-new Kia Seltos refused to start. He then called the salesman and the branch manager to the spot. However, they gave the excuse that there is no fuel in the tank, which is why the car is not starting. But even after refuelling, the Kia Seltos refused to start.

The service technicians took over the car and pushed it to the workshop. They checked the fuel supply lines and also removed the fuel floater, which measures the fuel level in the tank. The service technicians also replaced the battery but the brand-new Seltos did not start.

Lack of lemon laws in India

There is no law to protect consumers from bad products in India. While there are consumer courts where a customer can complain but there is no law that directs the manufacturer to exchange the lemon vehicle with a new one. Such laws are common in developed countries. According to such laws, any appliance, car, truck or motorcycle that is found to be defective should be replaced immediately, or compensation should be given to the customer.

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