Angry pedestrian dents a car for driving on the wrong-side [Video]

Wrong-side driving is a major menace in India. Most of the Indians road users try to take shortcuts or avoid a jam by taking the wrong side, which major chaos on the road. Here is a raged pedestrian who did something that no one anticipated.

Angry pedestrian Vs car on the wrong side

The video has been taken from the dashboard camera of a vehicle in Goa’s capital Panaji. The vehicle is moving ahead on an empty stretch of road and catches a pedestrian standing on the middle of the road and trying to stop a Maruti Suzuki Swift that has come on the wrong side. There is no permanent divider on the road but there are traffic cones placed on the middle to ensure that the traffic remains in their respective lanes.

The video shows the angry pedestrian stopping the vehicle and asking it to go back. It even asked the other vehicle from which the video is being recorded to come ahead and block the way for the car on the wrong side. The enraged pedestrian then starts punching the vehicle with his fists. After punching the boot lid twice, he puts a dent on it. Seeing the angry reaction from the pedestrian, the driver of the Swift takes the vehicle in reverse and guides it between the cones and the other car. The angry pedestrian continues to hit the vehicle with his fists and kicks it. Finally, the Swift escapes from the spot.

Wrong side driving

Angry pedestrian dents a car for driving on the wrong-side [Video]

Wrong-side driving in India is one of the major causes of accidents on the Indian roads. Be it the city roads or the highways, driving on the wrong side is common in India. On the highways, high-speed accidents take place because of such vehicles on the wrong side while within the city limits, wrong-side driving can cause major chaos and traffic jam on the road.

It may seem that taking the wrong side can save time but it only worsens the situations and puts everyone’s life in danger. Driving on the wrong side is an offence in India and the culprit can be fined for the same. However, the penalty imposed for wrong side driving is not very extreme and people continue to do so.

But what about road rage?

The pedestrian in the video showed extreme road rage that can easily turn into fights. Road rage is not the way to solve problems on the road and in many cases, big fights break out of regular commotion. Even though the pedestrian was extremely angry and was damaging the vehicle, the occupants in the Swift did not come out and fought with the person.

Sometime back, a motorcyclist tried stopping a Mahindra Thar on a busy road in India in a similar fashion. After some time, the Thar drive came out and thrashed the motorcycle rider and no one came for help. Road rage should be avoided at all costs and the cops should be called to solve such problems. At present, many states issue online traffic challans based on the pictures sent by people. It can be an easy way to ensure that the culprit is punished without getting involved in road rage.


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