Angry Royal Enfield Bullet rider breaks window after Tata Nexon driver honks: Dashcam footage [Video]

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With the increase in the number of cars on our roads, the number of accidents has also increased. It seems like people are slightly more impatient these days while on the road. Everybody is in a hurry, which often leads to accidents. Even during peak traffic hours, you will find at least one driver or rider who is reckless, taking their vehicle through small gaps. Some people honk too much, even when they know that it is not going to make any difference. This often irritates others, and there have been instances when people actually argue about this matter. Here, we have a similar incident from West Delhi where a Royal Enfield rider, who got angry about honking from a Nexon driver, broke the window.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, we see cars and other vehicles moving through a busy road in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar. The video was actually recorded on the dash camera of a Tata Punch that was behind the Nexon. In this video, we see a Tata Nexon going in front of the Punch. Next to the Nexon is a Royal Enfield Bullet rider who is arguing with the driver.

According to the video, the Nexon driver was asking for space and continuously honking. This probably irritated the bike rider. He eventually gave way to the car; however, he did argue with the driver. All this was happening while the car was in motion. Then you suddenly notice another Bullet rider getting involved in this matter. He can also be seen arguing with the car driver. Things escalated quickly, and the second Bullet rider decided to block the way.

Angry Royal Enfield Bullet rider breaks window after Tata Nexon driver honks: Dashcam footage [Video]
biker breaking window of Nexon

The second Bullet rider joined the argument only after finishing his phone call while riding the bike. The second biker stopped the way for the SUV and angrily walked to the co-passenger side. He was furious and immediately kicked the ORVM of the SUV. After damaging the SUV, he attempted to open the door, probably to confront the passenger or driver. When he realized that the door was locked, he started attacking the window. By this time, the car driver panicked and put the car in reverse. He was trying to escape the spot, and in an attempt to do that, he reversed the car into the Tata Punch that was right behind his vehicle.

The Nexon’s bumper had minor damage; however, the Punch is said to be fine. When the car started moving, the biker hit the rear door window with his elbow. He struck the glass so hard that the window simply shattered. The car driver then stopped the car and argued with both the bikers. It seems like the honking was not the only issue. The biker can be seen pointing towards his bike. Probably the car driver might have rubbed his SUV against the bike on the road.

After arguing with the bikers, the car driver then drove the car away. Both the bikers were left on the road. Neither of them was wearing a riding helmet, and one of them was also speaking on the phone. Regardless of the reason, this was not the right way to respond. The car driver should have ideally called the police when he saw things were escalating. It is not clear if the Nexon driver will actually file a complaint against the bikers in this matter.