Angry superbiker stops bus coming the WRONG way: Makes bus go back! [Video]

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Driving on the wrong side of the road is one of the common things on the Indian roads. Most of the people take the wrong side of the road to save a few metres of driving but it creates a lot of chaos and sometimes leads to massive jams. It is a common problem on the Indian city roads and the highways and is one of the primary causes of accidents. The video has been taken by Dishank Gowda, who is the owner of the Triumph Daytona 675.

Here is an angry biker on Triumph Daytona 675 who protests in the middle of the road and makes Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus go back. The video has been made from the helmet-mounted camera of the biker.

The video shows that the bike has parked his Daytona 675 in front of the bus that is coming on the wrong way and is arguing with the driver. There is another BMTC bus in the right lane who also joins in the arguments. Later, a few more bikers join in to protest the wrong-side driving.

It seems like people regularly use the wrong way on the road to save a few meters of extra driving. While the biker was arguing with the bus driver, a few motorists including a car and a few bikes took the wrong turn but were sent back by the angry biker. The bus finally backtracked after a long argument and everyone left from the spot.

Angry superbiker stops bus coming the WRONG way: Makes bus go back! [Video]

The habit of taking the wrong way is extremely dangerous in India. It can lead to long jams on the road. While the person on the bike protested against the wrong way driving, there are many who suffer road rage while protesting such malpractices.

Earlier this year, a biker tried stopping an SUV coming from the wrong side in a similar way and he was thrashed by the driver of the SUV. To reduce such offences, violators should be fined heavily and cameras should be installed where the traffic cops cannot be present. Putting up cameras for online challans can prove to be very beneficial and will force people to follow the rules.

It is always better to follow the rules and go in the proper way. It ensures smooth flow of traffic too. Going the wrong side may save a negligible amount of money of the motorists but it puts everyone at a greater risk of accidents. India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents every year and with the addition of the lakhs of new vehicles to the road, the situation does not become better in any way. Strictly enforcing the rules on the Indian roads will bring down the congestion on the roads as well as bring down the number of accidents.

Soon, driving on the wrong side will attract a hefty penalty in Gujarat. The state will ban drivers from driving if they are found to be driving on the wrong side of the road more than once. Considering how widespread this problem is, don’t be surprised if more Indian states make and enforce similar laws.