Angry Uncle Confronts Off-Roading Bikers: “I Will Break Your Legs”

angry uncle vs bikers off roading

Over the last few years, there has been a steep incline in the number of adventure motorcycle riders in the county. Now, to enjoy these motorcycles, riders often explore new off-roading roads. However, sometimes, undertaking this endeavor can cause some unfortunate incidents. Recently, a group of bikers was scolded by an old man as they rode these bikes in front of the village’s temple. He threatened to break their legs and bikes as they were riding on the dirt roads.

This video of an angry old man’s confrontation with adventure bike riders has come courtesy of Abhinav Bhatt from YouTube. In this video, the vlogger, along with his friends, was riding through a village’s dirt road. They were riding normally on these roads, enjoying the Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 and other bikes.

Confronted by an old man

Following this, the vlogger then shows that as they were approaching an open ground, two of his rider friends were being charged upon by an angry old man with a stick. He was running to hit these bikers as they were making circles in front of the village temple.

The video then shows that one of the bikers managed to escape the situation. However, the other rider who was under a tree trying to turn around fell down on the ground. At this point, the man was about to go and hit him with his stick.

Angry Uncle Confronts Off-Roading Bikers: “I Will Break Your Legs”

However, the vlogger came to save him at the right time. He immediately went towards the old man with the stick and started saying sorry to him. The old man, on the other hand, was shouting at him and his friends for making a ruckus in front of the village temple.

After this, the old man calls other people from the temple to help him beat these bikers. However, the vlogger and his friends were very calm and were repeatedly apologizing for their mistake. Finally, after some time of asking for forgiveness, the riders were let go by the old man.

What happened here?

Generally, the dirt roads on which the riders were enjoying their motorcycles in this video are used by villagers. They create these roads to access hard-to-reach places. They use these dirt roads to reach temples, wells, and even other remote villages.

So, because of this, they try to preserve these roads from such bikers. And in order to preserve these roads, they sometimes get into such fights with the riders from the cities.

Angry Uncle Confronts Off-Roading Bikers: “I Will Break Your Legs”

How can riders avoid such confrontations?

Adventure motorcycle riders should be careful when they ride on such village roads. As their loud bikes and their ruckus can irritate the villagers. In these cases, the best thing they can do is to apologize for their mistake and ride carefully as the riders did in the video above.

Riders should never try to fight or hit villagers in such confrontations. The reason behind this is that villagers live in tight-knit communities. And if instigated, they can thrash bikers and people from outside the village. So, it is recommended to apologize and come out of the situation as soon as possible.