Angry wife climbs on husband’s Range Rover: Causes big traffic jam, FINED [Video]

Traffic movement on the Peddar Road in Mumbai almost came to a standstill on Saturday evening after a fight broke between a married couple. One lane got blocked due to the fight and it caused a roadblock that caused a long jam on the road. Even the traffic police were present on the spot and were directing the traffic to ensure the flow.

This video has been taking by a person standing on the balcony. The video shows the woman screaming and hitting the husband’s Land Rover Range Rover with her slippers. She even climbed over the bonnet of the car and hit the front windshield. After a few minutes, the husband opened the window slightly and she climbed on the window and tried breaking it.

Towards the end of the video, the husband can be seen driving ahead slowly and the woman chasing him. However, as per reports, the wife was able to get her husband out on the road after a few more minutes of screaming and then walked away with him but only after kicking him first.

The wife chased the husband on the road and the Hyundai Creta that can be spotted parked on the side of the Range Rover belongs to her. She tailed the Range Rover for some time and then overtook it and forced it to stop on the road.

The incident happened in the evening and the video even shows the traffic police standing at the spot. However, they do not get in between the fight of the married couple. The cops, however, issued an e-challan to the woman’s Hyundai Creta for obstructing the traffic and creating a ruckus on the road.

Angry wife climbs on husband’s Range Rover: Causes big traffic jam, FINED [Video]

The exact details are not known and it is also not known why did the fight start in the first place. The onlookers said that the woman was really angry and was trying to hurt the husband.

Obstructing the traffic and fighting the middle of the road is not something that we see regularly on the Indian roads. However, there have been many instances in the past where such fights have happened due to road rage. Fighting in the middle of the road is not something wise to do. The way Creta was parked in the middle of the road, anyone driving at a good speed can ram into these parked cars without hazard lamps.