Angry wild elephant attacks Bajaj Discover rider, autorickshaw: Caught on video

Fast-paced development due to rising population has caused roads to take up most of the forest space around the world. There are many roads that have been built through protected forests that see a constant flow of traffic and human intervention. This video from Sri Lanka shows an angry elephant showing its concern to the disturbing humans.

What is happening here?

The video has been shot from a car that stopped after spotting the elephant on the road. The adult elephant can be seen coming out of the forest and overlooking the vehicles passing by. The video shows the elephant looking at all the passersby initially and then after a few moments, it starts attacking them by waving its trunk.

The elephant also tried to run and attack a few bikers, including one on a Bajaj Discover, too. Later, the elephant comes out completely on the road trying to make contact with the vehicles. A bus passing by also stopped and tried to block the elephant so that the car can pass safely but they were more interested in shooting the video.

Towards the end, it can be seen that a Toyota van stops to offer some food to the elephant that it picks up and eats immediately. Towards the end of the video, the elephant can be seen trying to attack a TVS autorickshaw too.

Wild animals on the road

There have been quite a few instances of direct animal encounters on Indian roads too. While the motorists in the video could be used to such wild animal spottings and driving or riding quite close to the elephant, it can become very dangerous. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind after spotting a wild animal on the road.

  • Never make a loud noise or sudden movement. Maintaining a constant speed helps in such situations.
  • If the road is blocked by the wild animal, ensure that you stop at a safe distance and wait for them to clear the road.
  • Never panic in such situations. It can unsettle the animal and it may attack you.
  • Always remember that the animal is not in your territory but you’re in its territory and respect the animals.
  • Never ever offer food to the wild animals. They develop a habit and become angry when they do not get easy food from the commuters.