Angry woman breaks KTM RC390 after rider zooms past her [Video]

We have encountered numerous instances of people displaying negligence or deliberately disregarding basic civic sense and road safety regulations. Across various regions of the country, several accidents have been reported due to people flouting road safety rules. Here’s an incident from Madhya Pradesh that exemplifies this issue, wherein a biker narrowly avoided an accident with a negligent woman who, in frustration, ended up damaging his motorcycle.

In a YouTube Shorts video from Bhopal Moto Vlog, a woman can be seen damaging a KTM RC 390 on what appears to be a state highway. The video captures the woman breaking the side fairing of the biker’s KTM RC 390 after he narrowly avoided colliding with her while she was crossing the road.

According to the woman’s account, she was crossing the road and encountered stray cattle on the way. She claims that the motorcyclist riding the KTM RC 390 narrowly avoided an accident with her during the crossing. Although the biker managed to avoid the near-accident, he returned to ensure the woman’s safety.

Angry woman breaks KTM RC390 after rider zooms past her [Video]

However, instead of responding calmly to the motorcyclist, the woman engaged in a confrontation with him. In her agitation, she ended up damaging the side fairing of his motorcycle during the argument. In the video, the woman asserts that the RC 390 rider was traveling at a high speed, which could have resulted in a collision and her being hospitalized.

Other motorists gathered on the spot

The argument between the motorcycle rider and the woman soon drew the attention of other motorists and bystanders in the vicinity. Another motorist, who stopped upon witnessing the altercation, placed blame on the rider and his motorcycle for speeding on the highway. Encouraged by this support, the woman raised her voice further in the argument and continued to shout at the motorcyclist.

The video does not reveal who was ultimately at fault or how the situation was resolved. However, it is clear that the woman was responsible for causing damage to the rider’s motorcycle. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, it is important for individuals to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and causing harm to the property of others involved in accidents.

Jaywalking is dangerous

Jaywalking is extremely dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. Last year, a Mumbai court differentiated between the roads and streets and said that it is the responsibility of motorists to slow down and let pedestrians pass on the streets.

While India does not have distinct laws for roads and streets, there are many countries that have separate regulations for each. Strictly interpreting the law may suggest that the public is prohibited from crossing a street or road anywhere except at designated zebra crossings. However, we understand that such an approach is entirely impractical in a country like India, which has a vast number of internal roads, and small lanes, and where jaywalking is common among the population, as per the law.

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