Another Noida woman slaps security guard for delay in opening gate: Arrested [Video]

After a recent incident where a woman was arrested for repeatedly slapping a security guard in Noida, another similar incident has been reported. Noida Police have arrested another woman from Noida for a similar incident. The incident happened on Saturday.

The CCTV footage shows the woman stepping out of the vehicle and waving her hand angrily at the security guard. She then slaps the guard thrice. The lady has been identified as Sutapa Das, who works as a professor. The incident happened at Phase 3 of Cleo County in Noida’s Sector 121.

According to the guard, the woman slapped him when he was working on the RFID or the Radio Frequency-based system that automatically tracks the vehicles, opens the gate and shuts the barriers after a vehicle crosses. However, the guard claims that the registration number of the car was not showing in the system.

While the system did not show the registration details of the car in which Sutapa Das was travelling, the guards allowed her to come in. However, she got out of the vehicle and started abusing and hitting the guards. The guards dialled 112 emergency number to contact the police.

Station House Officer of Phase 3 police station Vijay Kumar said that they have registered a case against the woman based on the guard’s complaint. The case is registered under Section 151 (causing disturbance) of the Indian Penal Code. The woman was arrested, however, she was released on bail later.

No image has been released that shows the woman in police custody or getting arrested. However, such incidents are quickly becoming common in this area. A few days ago, a male resident of a society slapped a guard multiple times after his lift got stuck.

Another woman was arrested two weeks ago

Only two weeks ago, Noida police arrested a woman on similar charges. The lady was shouting expletives and was making indecent gestures at a security guard of a society in Noida. She also threatened and manhandled the security guard.

This video is from Jaypee Wishtown society in Noida Sector 126. According to the guards, the woman driver’s behaviour became violent after a delay in opening the gate when she was exiting the society. According to a resident of the society, the guards take down the registration number of the vehicles that enter or exit the society. There was a delay in that.

According to sources in the police, the woman was allegedly drunk. But the police are yet to test her for the alcohol content in her blood. The police arrested the woman based on the complaint of a security guard. Multiple cases are now registered against the woman under sections of IPC.

The woman was arrested under the IPC sections 153A (acts prejudicial to harmony), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of public peace), and 506 (criminal intimidation), among others, the police said.

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