Another OIa S1 Pro electric scooter’s front suspension breaks

If you think that the problems plaguing the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter are all over, here’s a recent incident which indicates that it is not all over for Ola Electric. Ever since its launch, the Ola S1 Pro is reported to be suffering from several quality and reliability issues related to its software and mechanicals. One of the most common issues was the breakage of the front suspension unit. Here’s another incident of the front suspension of Ola S1 Pro breaking down, which has been reported in India.

Another OIa S1 Pro electric scooter’s front suspension breaks

The entire details of the said incident have been shared by an Ola S1 Pro owner named Sanjeev Jain via a Facebook post on a group Ola Electric Public Group. In this post, Sanjeev mentioned the issue of his Ola S1 Pro suffering from front suspension breakage six days after he took the delivery of the electric scooter.

The picture which Sanjeev posted on the group shows that the front suspension unit of the S1 Pro has completely broken. There are no visible signs of any impact or accident, and it seems that the suspension got broken on its own or might have come off after hitting a pothole or obstruction. As claimed by Sanjeev, the scooter looks all-new.

Another OIa S1 Pro electric scooter’s front suspension breaks

Not the first time

Another OIa S1 Pro electric scooter’s front suspension breaks

Ola has already come under a lot of flak for several quality-related issues, and it is not the first time such an issue has been reported. The internet is already filled with several S1 Pro owners posting about this issue. A few months ago, an S1 Pro owner from Assam claimed that his son got injured due to the malfunctioning of the scooter, while he was riding. Ola Electric pulled off his riding data and said that the rider was overspeeding at that time. While these claims are yet to be proven, the same goes for the claim posted by Sanjeev Jain about his new S1 Pro.

Apart from suspension breakage issues, several other S1 Pro owners have reported other concerns like software malfunctioning issues, which include the scooter going into reverse mode on itself and a sudden spike in acceleration without giving any input. An S1 Pro user from Maharashtra also reported an incident of a fire outbreak, which garnered a lot of attention in the web world. Such quality concerns are not only plaguing the image of Ola Electric but also discouraging those people who are contemplating their decision of buying an electric vehicle.

New Ola scooter coming soon

Ola is working on a new affordable version of the S1 Pro that will be launched in the Indian market soon. While there are not many details available on the upcoming scooter, the price details are likely to be out by the end of this month.

Ola is also working on in-house developed li-ion batteries. Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal shared an image of a Li-ion battery cell. Bhavish says that it is the brand’s first indigenously developed Li-ion battery cell. However, he did not reveal any details of the new product.

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