Another Tata Nano catches fire!

Remember those stories a few months back about some Tata Nano cars catching fire? Well, it has happened again.

Another Tata Nano catches fire!
Photo: Tata Nano on fire on the Eastern Expressway in Mumbai; photo courtesy Mid-Day

Mid-Day reported that a brand new Tata Nano caught fire on the Eastern Expressway yesterday. The owner had picked up his Nano from a showroom in Prabhadevi. The car owner, Satish Swant, had a driver as he could not drive.

45 minues in the car, and a motorcyclist signaled to him that something was wrong, and looking back, Satish was shocked to see the rear of his car on fire.

The driver stopped the Nano and both and jumped out to safety. In no time, the car had burst into flames.

In the end of 2009, several such stories of Nano catching fire emerged, but it had turned out that in most of the cases, it was a minor short circuit or localised meltdowns. Three such instances were reported then.

Then, Tata Motors had assured buyers that the company would go in for a pre-emptive audit to ensure there were no problems, and Nanos that would come in for service would be checked too.

Tata Motors has not reacted yet to the incident as far as we know; we hope these problems are sorted out as soon as possible.