Another Tata Punch catches fire: Owner disappointed with poor customer support [Video]

Recently, news broke out that three Tata Punch cars caught fire, and now another one has made headlines after the owner shared the details on social media. This marks the fourth Tata Punch car that has caught fire, and as per the owner, the car is only a year old. Shivam Jawla expressed his disappointment that no one has contacted him even after three days.

Although the customer did not share the exact details of how the car caught fire, he uploaded a video that shows the engine bay completely gutted. The fire appears to have started in the engine bay, causing damage to several components. In the video, we can see people gathering around the vehicle. It seems like the owner was travelling in the car when it caught fire, but he did not provide any specifics.

After the tweet, the official Tata Motors Twitter handle responded, requesting the owner to share the details of the incident. However, the owner claims that no one has contacted him for at least three days, despite sharing the details.

Another Tata Punch catches fire: Owner disappointed with poor customer support [Video]

It remains unclear whether the car is already in a service center, and Tata Motors has not shared any diagnostic report on the fire or its cause. In a recent incident involving the Mahindra XUV700, the company shared the details and attributed the fire to the installation of aftermarket accessories. Tata Motors, however, has not yet released any such information or explanation.

3 Tata cars caught fire in the past

As many as three Tata Punch cars caught fire in the past. The last incident was from Guwahati, Assam when the Punch caught fire in the middle of the road.

Car fires can occur in vehicles of any brand and are a serious safety concern. Therefore, it is essential to take utmost care of your vehicle. Most fire cases are caused by aftermarket installations and splicing of wires, and it is important to note that such modifications can also impact the car’s warranty.

While the incidents of Tata Punch catching fire may be a coincidence, Tata Motors should investigate the matter and find the root cause. By conducting a thorough investigation and identifying the cause, the manufacturer can restore confidence among buyers. Tata is a brand that is popular among customers for its build quality, and incidents like these could make customers rethink their choice.

It is not just the Tata Punch that has caught fire. Videos of a Tata Nexon and an 11-month-old Tata Harrier catching fire have also surfaced online. In the case of the Tata Nexon, an alert security guard managed to put the fire out, while in the case of the Harrier, the car burned in the middle of the road, and the owner managed to escape. These incidents demonstrate the importance of investigating the root cause of car fires to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.