Another Tata Punch SUV catches fire: 3rd Punch to catch fire [Video]

Tata Punch has been a topic of discussion in various online portals. Last week, a video surfaced online where a Tata Punch caught fire in Gujarat on a highway. Another incident was reported from Guwahati, Assam, where another Tata Punch SUV caught fire while in motion. A video of the car catching fire has also been uploaded on Nikhil Rana’s YouTube channel, and shared with him by his follower on Instagram.

In the short clip, we can see the front end of the Tata Punch SUV on fire. As per the video, the car caught fire at ABC point in Guwahati, while the owner was driving. The driver can be seen getting out of the car and moving to the co-passenger side to take out his valuables. The fire quickly spread to other parts of the car.

Fortunately, local shops in the area had a fire extinguisher and were able to put out the fire. The owner also called the fire brigade, but it took them almost an hour to reach the spot. By the time the fire brigade arrived, the damage was already done. This is not the first time such an incident has happened in India. The Tata Punch that caught fire was a year old, and it is not clear whether the SUV had any modifications done to it or not. Last year, another Tata Punch caught fire, and the owner still had not received the insurance claim.

Another Tata Punch SUV catches fire: 3rd Punch to catch fire [Video]
Tata Punch on fire

After the recent incident in Gujarat, Tata Motors released an official statement saying, “We are actively looking into this thermal incident. We understand from the customer that fortunately all occupants are safe and unhurt. We are engaging with the customer and investigating agencies to offer all possible support and will be conducting a detailed investigation to ascertain the facts/reasons of this unfortunate incident. Safety of vehicles and their users remains our foremost priority at Tata Motors.”

Car fires are common

Car fires can happen to car of any brand. Recently, a Kia Seltos caught fire while it was parked. Regardless of the car, the fires are dangerous and that is why one should take utmost care of their vehicles. While the cause behind most fire cases remains aftermarket installations and splicing up of the wires, one should know that such modifications also impacts the cars warranty.

In the video, the vlogger advises owners not to install aftermarket accessories in the car as they may affect the electricals and cause a fire. However, it is not clear whether the Tata Punch that caught fire had any aftermarket accessories installed. Incidents of Tata Punch catching fire may be a coincidence, but Tata Motors should investigate this matter and find the root cause.

By doing a thorough investigation and getting to the root cause, the manufacturer can restore confidence among buyers. Tata is a brand that is popular among customers for its build quality and incidents like these might make customers think about their choice. It is not just Tata Punch that has caught fire. Videos of a Tata Nexon and an 11-month-old Tata Harrier catching fire have also surfaced online. In case of Tata Nexon, an alert security guard managed to put the fire out while in the case of Harrier, the car burned in the middle of the road while the owner managed to escape.