AP motor vehicle tax exempted for Isuzu vehicles

Isuzu has setup their manufacturing facility in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In a bid to give back to customers who wish to buy Isuzu vehicles in the state, the AP government has come up with a impressive scheme where in all new Isuzu vehicles (be it the commercial D-max or the V Cross ) will be exempt from paying the motor vehicle tax in the whole state. This is valid on vehicles that have been purchased between 18th November 2016 till 31st March 2021.

AP motor vehicle tax exempted for Isuzu vehicles

The plant is located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh and produces vehicles that are sold in the country only. By exempting the tax, it wants to promote other manufacturers to build vehicles in the state and hence help the economy of the state as well. The notice states that the V Cross and all other future passenger vehicles that will be introduced by the brand will get lifetime tax exemption (14%), where as those who buy the commercial D-max S-cab version will get an exemption from paying the quarterly road taxes that are currently applicable.

Isuzu currently sells 2 passenger vehicles in the country, the V Cross and the MU7. However it is only the V Cross that is exempt from paying the taxes. The V Cross costs Rs 12.5 lakhs ex showroom Hyderabad and with this exemption, the on road price is said to go down my Rs 1.7 lakhs, which is quite significant.

The V Cross is powered by a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine that makes 134 Bhp and 320 Nm. The engine powers all 4 wheels courtesy an AWD system. The V Cross is a lifestyle vehicle that is aimed at people who have farms and like going on road trips. The variant on sale is the dual cab version which means its has 5 seats + the cab at the back. At close to 5.3 meters, the vehicle is massive and doesn’t even come with parking sensors or a reverse camera as standard (they are available as additional fitment) which means parking it will be tough. Overall, if a lifestyle vehicle is what you are looking for, this is an interesting proposition.