Apple Car Rendered Based On Patent Drawings

When the world’s most valuable company is trying to make a huge move by entering a new domain, the rumours are bound to spread like a wildfire. The tech giant Apple Inc. has been in the midst of rumours about producing an EV car for a long time now. Even Elon Musk, the man behind the biggest electric car company commented in an interview when was asked if Apple is really trying to make a car. He said, “It’s an open secret; It’s pretty hard to hide something if you hire a thousand engineers to do it”

Apple Car Rendered Based On Patent Drawings

Recently these rumours have been solidified a little more as a United Kingdom-based car leasing company called Vanarama has released a rendering of the rumoured Apple electric car. The company claims that it has created these interpretations on the basis of actual patents filed by Apple. However, it has to be taken with a grain of salt as it doesn’t depict the actual car. The real car is a long way due as Apple is not anywhere near the launch of that EV.

From the renderings currently available, we can deduce that the body style of the Apple EV could be a coupe-like SUV. This SUV coupe styling has been becoming popular lately across the entire automotive industry. We assume that Apple will also go in the same direction as the demand for SUV’s has been growing day by day. Another example of this shape is the Mustang Mach E, the electric SUV from Ford.

Apple Car Rendered Based On Patent Drawings

Vanarama designed renderings also point towards some of the important patents on the design of the car. The patents reveal that doors on the car could be a set of coach doors, also known as suicide doors most commonly seen on Rolls Royce cars. However, Apple’s car will omit the presence of a central pillar, unlike the Rolls Royce models. This design cue was once famous amongst American luxury cars but due to the hampering of structural rigidity, it was dropped.

To counter this issue of structural rigidity Apple in 2019 filed a detailed patent application that explained how the company is planning to account for it. The document mentioned that by adding diagonal support sections in the doors, it will be able to achieve the required rigidity. While in a second patent application which was filed around the same time described using the floor to increase structural integrity and absorb crash forces.

The patents based interpretations also reveal that the interior of the Apple electric car will feature a never seen before seamless display screen that will span across the entirety of the dashboard. The designs also indicate that this screen will be a highly customizable unit and will offer a host of functions. In addition to that, it will also feature Apple’s very own AI-based virtual assistant Siri.

As of the recent reports, Apple could be introducing some standout features in the cars by leveraging their smartphone expertise and next level battery tech. We can also expect the tech giant to add in some advanced autonomous driving features.

Earlier this year, there were also some rumours regarding the talks between Apple and the South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia. Apple reportedly approached Kia to possibly manufacture its car in Kia’s West Point, Georgia, factory, however, these talks might have ended. It was also rumoured that LG Electronics and Canadian automotive supplier Magna were also tangled in negotiations with Apple for the battery supply and final assembly of the cars, respectively. The Korean establishment is one of the biggest EV battery suppliers, while the Canadian establishment is in the contract manufacturing business whose current clients are Jaguar and Fisker. It was also reported that Apple has also been in talks with Chinese firms CATL and BYD for the supply of batteries.