April deals comparison: Honda City offer vs Volkswagen Vento discount

Honda and Volkswagen are running deals on their mid-size sedans in April. Honda is offering a 2 gram gold coin as well as free insurance with the Honda City, while Volkswagen is offering free insurance and a Rs. 10,000 cash discount on the Volkswagen Vento.

Which of these two deals works out more lucrative to you as a buyer? We pit these two deals against each other to tell you how much you will save on the on-road cost of each of the cars. To calculate the benefit you will get we have taken a Honda City V-MT model, priced at Rs. 9.10 lakh ex-showroom Delhi and a Volkswagen Vento Highline petrol model, priced at Rs. 8.81 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Also read: Volkswagen Vento vs Honda City

April deals comparison: Honda City offer vs Volkswagen Vento discount

Which one offers you more savings?

If you look at the on-road cost of the cars, the Honda City without any discounts would work out to Rs. 10.08 lakh on-road Delhi (not including the road-side assistance, extended warranty and paint protection package that Honda tries to impose on you when you buy the car, which would then take the price to Rs. 10.27 lakh on-road Delhi). The Volkswagen Vento works out to Rs. 9.90 lakh on-road Delhi without discounts, and VW also offers extended warranty and accessories package.

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One thing to note here is that although the Volkswagen Vento is cheaper than the Honda City ex-showroom, the insurance premium charged for the Vento is significantly higher than the Honda City. However, since both cars are offering free insurance for the first year, this is a significant cost reduced. Besides that, Volkswagen is also throwing in a Rs. 10,000 cash discount on the Vento, while Honda is offering a two gram gold coin (worth Rs. 5,300 at present rates) with the Honda City. Also see: Honda City video review

The total savings benefit one makes with the Honda City offer is Rs. 28,939, while the savings on the Volkswagen Vento petrol amount to Rs. 46,000. Taking the total value of the discounts into account the Honda City is available for an on-road price of Rs. 9.79 lakh, while the Volkswagen Vento would come to Rs. 9.44 lakh, just Rs. 35,000 cheaper than the Honda City overall, on-road.

In addition, Volkswagen is offering a reverse camera with navigation and Bluetooth with the Vento, worth about Rs. 15,000, which makes the Volkswagen Vento much better value compared to the Honda City that doesn’t offer these features. Other features are comparable in both.

Overall, that makes the Volkswagen Vento, with this deal, a much better proposition than the Honda City, if you were looking for a mid-size petrol sedan. Also read: Skoda April deals compared – 100% finance vs EMI holiday