Aprilia SR150 vs TVS Ntorq automatic scooter drag race [Video]

The TVS Ntorq is arguably the most stylish scooter on sale in India today. Its bold creases and an overall sporty design, along with a long list of features, make it among the most attractive scooters out there. Another model stands out from the rest of the automatic scooters is the Aprilia SR150, which is easily the sportiest offering in its segment. But what happens if we put the above two against each other? The video we have below shows multiple rounds of drag races between the TVS Ntorq and the Aprilia SR150.

As can be seen in the video, many of the rounds involve riders that weigh 58 KGs and 86 KGs respectively. Hence, in every one of these rounds, one scooter remains at a huge disadvantage. The additional weight of 28 KGs simply negates the performance advantage that the Aprilia enjoys.

On the other hand, the SR150 can be seen easily outclassing the Ntorq when both the riders involved are of the same weight. What’s noteworthy, however, is that the Ntorq too can touch speeds in excess of 100 kmph. While not as quick as the SR150, it offers a considerably brisk acceleration.

The results of these drag races were pretty obvious. However, the video goes on to show that the Ntorq is a pretty capable machine. It can probably keep up with the SR150 in an urban environment and doesn’t suffer from a huge performance disadvantage.

Powering the Aprilia SR150 is a 154.8cc motor that outputs a maximum power of 10.4 bhp at 6,750 RPM and a peak torque of 11.4 Nm at 5,0000 RPM. On the other hand, the TVS Ntorq 125 gets its juice from a 124.8cc engine that outputs a maximum power of 9.27 bhp at 7,500 RPM along with a peak torque of 10.5 Nm at 5,500 RPM. As is clearly evident, the Aprilia SR150 benefits from a clear performance advantage here. Hence, the results of these drag races don’t come across as even as a wee bit of surprise.