Arch placed on road falls on mother and daughter travelling on a scooter [Video]

We have seen arches placed on road during processions or functions in different parts of the country. One such arch has now caused an accident in Kerala’s capital. The arch fell on a mother and daughter who were travelling on a scooter. The video of the accident has now surfaced online and the police has now registered a case and probe has been initiated. The mother who was riding the scooter at the time of accident has received injuries to her head, lungs and neck.

The accident was recorded in a CCTV placed near the location where the accident happened. The accident actually happened, when the temporary arch was being taken down. It is clearly visible in the video that the workers who were removing the arch covering the road were not properly coordinated. The arch was placed as part of an annual celebration of a club in Neyyattinkara region of Trivandrum. When the workers were removing the arch, there were vehicles on the road and they continued to dismantle the arch without taking any precaution.

The traffic was not blocked and they were bringing down the whole arch at once and not in pieces. The workers simply, untied the rope to bring the arch to the ground. At this time, Lekha and her daughter were passing through the road and by the time, they realised that the arch was falling down, it was too late. Lekha could not stop the scooter in time and the arch fell on the scooter and both of them fell down.

Arch placed on road falls on mother and daughter travelling on a scooter [Video]


Lekha is working as a nurse at primary health center and she has received several injuries. She has received injuries to her face, neck and even the lungs. Lekha even had to undergo a surgery for her face. The daughter who is 15 year old has received internal injuries. Reports suggest that after the accident happend, Lekha and her daughter were lying on the road and the people who gathered around them did not even care to take them to a hospital. It was only after her husband who took them to the hospital after he came to the spot.

Placing an arch on the road that would create problems for road users in the form of traffic jam or distraction has been banned by court in Kerala. Even after instruction from the court, these incidents still happen in many parts of the state. Lekha’s husband also mentioned that Neyyattinkara police refused to register a case against the people who actually were the reason for the accident. It was only after the video of the accident became viral on the internet, police decided to take action in the matter. While taking down such heavy and huge structures, it is always a good idea to block the traffic temporarily to ensure there are no accidents. Using a crane to lift such structures to clear the road as soon as possible is also a good idea.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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